Agile Sciences-Breaking the Cycle of Antibiotic Resistance

The alarming and growing cases of antibiotic resistant bacteria and the
diminishing number of effective antibiotics to fight infections is a
well-documented global health concern and also a potential national
security issue. The World Health Organization ranks this as one of the
top three threats to human health. Agile Sciences, a Raleigh, NC based
biotechnology company, has developed a proprietary portfolio of small
molecules of the 2-Aminoamidazole family (2-AI) that breaks the cycle of
antibiotic resistance through a novel mode of action. “It is not just a
question of developing new antibiotics, which takes many years of
research and significant cost, but rather targeting the bacterial
protection mechanisms that will eventually make these antibiotics
ineffective due to the onset of resistance,” says Malcolm Thomas, CEO of
Agile Sciences.

The 2-AI compounds developed by Agile Sciences do not kill bacteria but
act by inhibiting the internal bacterial defense mechanism known as the
Two-Component system (TCS). This inhibition prevents the bacteria from
forming biofilms, producing toxins and developing resistance thus
allowing antibiotics do their job more efficiently. As an example,
Malcolm Thomas cites the work done by Agile Sciences in treating Cystic
Fibrosis (CF): “in an animal model, we have seen marked improvement in
the treatment of lung infections in CF, where an inhaled form of our
compound disperses the biofilm that forms in the lungs resulting in the
use of significantly less antibiotic to achieve clearance.”

The 2 AI compounds work not only with currently used antibiotics, but
they are effective in re-activating older antibiotics. “These compounds
re-potentiate older antibiotics that have been rendered useless by
resistance as well as extend the useful life of current antibiotics,”
says Thomas.

Agile Sciences will be presenting their research at the 5th
One Health Congress in Saskatoon, Canada on Sunday June 24th 2018.

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