Americas Employers Focus in on Supporting Working Caregivers: Cariloop &Chicken Soup Author Mark Victor Hansen Publish Blueprint for Success

A newly released white paper, “Taking
Care of Caregivers: Why corporate America should support employees who
give their hearts and souls to those in need,” examines the unique
set of challenges caregiving poses for employees and employers alike.
The white paper highlights some of the remarkable programs and policies
companies have created in response to these challenges, and provides
proven strategies and tactics for employees who are serving as
caregivers. Authored by Michael Walsh, CEO, Cariloop,
Renee Albert, director of Benefits, Facebook, and Mark Victor Hansen,
co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series,
this roadmap empowers companies of every size and scope with creative
ideas and recommendations for introducing caregiver support.

Sharing Facebook’s strategies for effectively addressing the needs of
working caregivers, Albert affirms that caregiver support is part of
their corporate DNA, saying, “Facebook has made taking care of our
employees – and the people who matter most to them – a top priority. We
aspire to be the best company for families, no matter how you define

Responding to the question, “Who is going to become a caregiver?” Albert
agrees that the answer is simple: You.

“Caregiving touches virtually every one of us at some point in our
lives, from childbirth to eldercare,” she continues. “Fortunately, more
employers are heeding the call to play a role in helping make life
easier for their working caregivers.”

companies that fail to address their employee caregivers’ needs and
issues pay the price: businesses lose between $17.1 billion and $33.6
billion annually on lost productivity, depending on the level of
caregiving involved.

Walsh explains, “There is an incredible amount of stress on our nation’s
caregivers to navigate the complex world of healthcare for a loved one
and still remain focused and productive at work. For many, caregiving is
comparable to holding down a second job, and the lines between their
work and personal lives become blurry, at best, when the care of a loved
one is top-of-mind. For employers, caregiver support is not simply a
good business decision, it’s the right thing to do.”

Readers will discover new ways to support caregivers that are not simply
focused on increased spending to offer more benefits. By incorporating
community resources and taking advantage of emerging business platforms
with innovative programs, leaders can more effectively create a cultural
shift that celebrates and supports the lives of its employees —
especially those who sacrifice so much to care for the ones they love.

“Employee caregivers need time to care for a loved one without
jeopardizing their good standing at work,” says Walsh, who co-founded
Cariloop to offer a Caregiver Support Platform that pairs families with
a dedicated health care professional who walks with them throughout the
entire caregiving process. “The success of purpose-driven solutions
offered by leading companies demonstrates that progress is possible –
and that there are effective, affordable and proven models that offer
options for families, businesses and economies.”

Hansen’s Chicken Soup for the Caregiver’s Soul, published in 2004,
served as one of the first resources to describe the challenges
facing working caregivers.

“Peoples’ lives are literally upended when they encounter caregiving
responsibilities, and the impact on their work performance is palpable,”
says the prolific, award-winning author. “Since the burdens of
caregiving will impact every American at some point, it’s in the best
interest of employers to offer meaningful solutions.”

About Cariloop

Dallas-based Cariloop provides the world’s first fully-integrated,
human-powered Caregiver Support Platform to help working caregivers and
families plan for and manage the care of their parents, grandparents,
spouses, siblings, in-laws, and adult children. The Platform features a
HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based application that helps families securely
communicate across all devices and store important health, financial,
and legal documents while having on-demand access to a dedicated
Healthcare Coach who guides the families through the many decisions they
make over the length of their caregiving journey. For more information,
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