Apex IT Group Announces Transition of Full Ownership Back to Its Founder

George Mach, CEO of world-class managed IT provider Apex IT Group,
recently completed an investment to acquire all outstanding shares of
the company he originally founded in 2007. This transaction was
completed with long-time business partners who were instrumental in the
company’s recent success over the last seven years. The event marks one
of a series of pivotal moments in the company’s growth as it approaches
twelve years in business.

Originally an “early to market” technology firm, Apex IT Group today
enjoys a reputation as the leading MSP in the region. While similar MSPs
with predictable recurring revenue, high customer retention and healthy
EBITDA margins have become targets for lucrative private equity deals,
Mach’s strategic plan instead includes organized growth and expansion
beyond the Greater Philadelphia market, enhanced service offerings and
the vision of an employee stock ownership program. “We had a few options
including the potential to exit the business in the near term,” said
Mach, “but I was determined to burn the ships and decided to go all in
and double down on Apex.”

Together with his partners, Mach built Apex IT Group into a mature MSP
with 30 full-time employees, enjoying an annual revenue run rate
exceeding $5 million and boasting a spot in the MSP Mentor Top 501 list
in 2017. To Mach, the buyout represents the amicable culmination to a
successful business partnership between long-time friends and leaders in
the IT industry. Gary Pica, Bob Penland and Howard Borochaner’s
extensive experience in MSP turnaround and coaching has proven
instrumental to the success of Apex IT Group. Pica and Penland will
continue to train and transform IT providers worldwide through renowned
coaching firm, TruMethods. Howard Borochaner will retire as COO of Apex
IT Group in July 2018 to pursue his passion as an MSP consultant,
helping operational leaders optimize business processes and improve IT
project delivery services.

“Howard has been instrumental in my professional growth as an
operational leader in IT,” says Mach. “He has helped me narrow my focus
as CEO to scaling our business to deliver high value technology
management services to businesses who depend on technology performance,
functionality and security. He has helped me understand how to lead and
manage people and maximize their performance to achieve their career
goals. I am forever grateful for his mentorship.”

About Apex IT Group

Over a decade in business, Apex IT Group boasts consistent growth and
adaptation to changing and evolving markets, enjoying an elite
classification as a “World Class” Managed IT Service Provider (MSP).
While IT providers bend to satisfy trends and hot-topic buzzwords, Apex
has continued to hone its proprietary processes while successfully
contributing to job growth and workforce development in technology.

Specializing in helping SMBs in the Delaware Valley, its IT
management programs help clients gain total command over technology with
core services around complete IT management and support including cloud
computing and cybersecurity. To Learn More – Visit us online at www.apexitgroup.com.

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