B.C.’s Leading Doctor Cautions Against 2nd Wave of COVID-19

British Columbia’s Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, cautions there will be a second wave of COVID-19 in Canada and worldwide, though the country is better prepared after months of battling the first wave. Henry informed that there has never been a recorded pandemic that has not had a second wave of the virus and thus her conclusions are strongly rooted. 

“The optimist in me would like to think that maybe it will go away, and the virus will mutate and won’t become worse,” Dr. Henry said while in a radio interview with Matt Galloway’s, The Current.

“But you know what? We’ve never had a pandemic in recorded history that has not had a second wave.”

After experiencing the country’s SARS epidemic in 2002-2003, Henry has been able to guide B.C. through the novel coronavirus outburst. Additionally, she has been recognized for containing the virus before many other provinces were able to do so. After the virus arrived in the region, rigorous social distancing was implemented, ultimately flattening the curve. 

With the worry of the flu returning in the fall, Henry made it clear that testing was critical.

“We need to be able to understand the difference between influenza and COVID, and we’ll need to have testing in place to rapidly expand our testing if needed,” she reiterated, adding that contact tracing diagnosed cases was essential as well. 

As the province moves to reopen the economy, businesses such as restaurants and beaches are working towards operating. 

“Now is our time to regroup, learn as much as we can over the coming weeks and months, and prepare,” Henry said.