Bill Busbice Acquires FastTrac Transportation

Entrepreneur Bill Busbice has purchased FastTrac Transportation, a
22-year-old trucking company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Busbice
formerly owned and operated Ace Transportation, one of the largest
trucking companies in the U.S., for over 32 years, eventually selling it
in 2008 to a private equity group.

Busbice announced the purchase and his plans to quickly advance
FastTrac, which has tripled in size in the last three months, into the
oil and gas segment. FastTrac currently has nine terminal locations with
corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas, and offers a diverse array of
trucking services including air cartage with a 30-bay warehouse, truck
brokerage, heavy haul and oil and gas expedited transportation.

Busbice added that he is very excited for 2018 and expects it to be a
successful year of building brand awareness and recognition along with
capitalizing on opportunities presented within the market. “We have been
working hard to get our name out among an expanded customer base
focusing on stakeholders throughout key oil & gas plays across the
country. Through partnerships with various terminals across the Gulf
Coast we are seeking to scale-up capacity specifically in the oil & gas
sector, which is an area that my team and I bring a wealth of knowledge
and experience. I see strong growth opportunities in the market and am
thrilled to be re-entering the trucking business,” Busbice said.

For more information about FastTrac Transportation, visit http://www.fasttractrans.com/.

For more information about Bill Busbice, visit http://www.billbusbice.com/.

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