Breaking News: Cannabix Technologies Improves Performance of FAIMS Marijuana Breathalyzer – CNN Coverage

Cannabix Technologies Inc. (CSE: BLO) (OTC: BLOZF) (the “Company or Cannabix”) developer of marijuana breathalyzer devices for law enforcement and the workplace, reports that engineers have developed and deployed new ion optics methods that have resulted in a 6 times increase in analyte signal which has increased the sensitivity in the Company’s FAIMS (field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry) ∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”) detection device. The Company has been working for the last several months on improving “ion optics” which is a critical component of the FAIMS system in order to better focus and maximize ion flow through the FAIMS cell “keyhole”.  Members of Cannabix advisory team, including Dr. Yost and Dr. Purves were instrumental in providing guidance on the latest technological enhancements leading to this improvement. Furthermore, the Company reports that Cannabix scientists have been testing with a single stage, direct breath with the FAIMS device, that allows for real-time collection and analysis of low volatility compounds without sample preparation.

In addition, Company engineers have been pushing forward development of its THC Breath Analyzer (“THCBA”) which incorporates microfluidic sensor technology for the detection of ∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”) from breath. As announced in November, engineers have reduced the size of several components inside the THCBA for a more compact device, over the course of December, engineers have been further optimizing breath sample chamber design and tested additional sensors that work in conjunction with microfluidic sensor. Furthermore, the form factor (exterior) design of the THCBA will see additional refinements in due course.  

The Company reports that it has received notable media coverage from CNN in an article titled, “Testing drivers for cannabis is hard. Here’s why” published recently in CNN Business. The article makes mention of Cannabix Technologies’ development work with its marijuana breathalyzer technologies. The full article can be viewed at: https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/02/business/cannabis-breathalyzers-are-coming-to-market/index.html

About Cannabix Technologies Inc.

Cannabix Technologies Inc. is a leader in marijuana breathalyzer development for law enforcement and the workplace. Cannabix has established breath testing technologies in the pursuit of bringing durable, portable tools to market to enhance detection of marijuana impaired driving offences on roads at a time when marijuana is becoming legal in many global jurisdictions. Cannabix is working to develop drug-testing devices that will detect THC- the psychoactive component of marijuana that causes intoxication- using breath samples. In particular, Cannabix is focused on developing breath testing devices for detection of recent use of THC, in contrast to urine testing for THC metabolite that requires an invasive collection and reflects usage, days or even weeks earlier. The devices will also be useful for other practical applications such as testing employees in the workplace where impairment by THC can be hazardous.