BrightLine Brings Voice Activation to Next Generation of Enhanced TV Ads

the market leader in enhanced TV advertising, is adding voice activation
to its enhanced OTT ad platform, InCast. The company says that voice
activation will open the door for commerce, attribution and deeper
engagement, enabling networks and advertisers to make the most of every
OTT ad impression.

“As TV voice assistants become increasingly sophisticated and integrated
with our viewing experiences, so too must we integrate them into our
ads,” said Robert Aksman, BrightLine’s Chief Strategy Officer.

BrightLine’s unique device-aware enhanced ad platform can detect which
voice assistant a TV utilizes, and dynamically incorporates available
commands into ads. For example, on Fire TV, a viewer will be prompted to
tell Alexa to add the product they’re viewing to their shopping cart for
immediate or later purchase. Viewers on Apple TV may see an ad for a new
show, prompting them to tell Siri to add it to their “Up Next” list. The
device-aware prompts only appear on ads when the appropriate assistant
is detected, and commands are available.

“On the heels of Apple’s announced enhancements to Apple TV at WWDC, and
new voice-driven TV products like Amazon Cube, BrightLine’s InCast
platform is now taking the plunge to ensure we’re keeping pace with
‘voice’s’ growing role in our TV experiences,” Aksman said. “This is
only the beginning as we develop custom skills, and deeper connectivity
and awareness with IoT devices on the same network as the user’s TV.”

The TV industry has coalesced around BrightLine as the TV industry
standard for advanced ad formats. InCast has been adopted by all leading
broadcast and cable network groups, finally giving TV buyers the only
truly scalable set of advanced ad formats that can be used across the
entire OTT footprint.

“We’ve seen a 150% increase in demand for enhanced ad formats in OTT, as
marketers in all categories are comfortable with the changing paradigm
in TV delivery,” said Jacqueline Corbelli, CEO of BrightLine. “Marketers
have shown they’re ready to up the ante and take advantage of all the
bells and whistles that these new viewing experiences allow to improve
the ad experience, and drive value.”

Voice activation joins a growing stable of tools BrightLine has rolled
out with InCast in the past year, including in-stream engagement in live
programming, personalized ad creative, and t-commerce.

About BrightLine

BrightLine is the market leader for Advanced TV, powering Fortune 100
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