British Airways Intends to Test A.I. – Powered Robots at Heathrow Airport

British Airways is set to test Artificial Intelligence (A.I) powered robot at Heathrow Airport in Terminal 5. A.I. is the development of computer systems that are able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. 

The airline disclosed that the self-sufficient robots had been developed to “interact with passengers” in several languages, and to answer “thousands” of inquiries such as real-time flight information.

The robots, which will start trial runs in 2020, are created by the technology company BotsAndUS. British Airway also mentioned the perk of having the A.I powered robots lead passengers to certain locations, such as special assistance zones. 

“These smart robots are the latest innovation allowing us to free up our people to deal with immediate issues and offer that one-on-one service we know our customers appreciate,” Ricardo Vidal, who is head of innovation at British Airways, said in a statement.

“In the future, I envisage a fleet of robots working side-by-side with our people offering a truly seamless travel experience,” Vidal added.

Technology has been evolving and simplifying humans’ lives for some time now, airports have caught on and are integrating this convenience more and more as they aim to make their passenger’s experience as flawless as it could be. 

At the Sydney Airport in Australia, Qantas Airways (QAN-AU:ASX) just ended a trial of facial recognition technology. A total of 4000 people participated in the testing that allowed their “face as a boarding pass,” summing up more than 200 flights departing the airport with passengers who have used the technology.  

Although technology can be a great advantage, it isn’t always perfect and has at times, caused certain setbacks. British Airways has experienced several IT problems on different occasions which have caused hundreds of flight delays and cancelations.