CCIX Consortium Enables Next Generation Compute Architectures with the Availability of Base Specification 1.0

The CCIX™ Consortium today announced the release of the CCIX Base
Specification 1.0. The CCIX specification enables a new class of high
performance, low latency cache coherent interconnect for the
next-generation cloud, artificial intelligence, big data, database and
other datacenter infrastructures.

The exponential growth of data combined with the demand for scalable
compute-intensive applications, require the development of new compute,
networking and storage platforms. These platforms will utilize highly
efficient heterogeneous computing architectures that combine general
purpose compute and accelerators such as GPUs, FPGAs, Smart NICs,
Persistent Memory and other domain-specific programmable devices.

The CCIX Base Specification 1.0 defines a chip-to-chip interconnect for
seamless data sharing between compute, accelerators and memory expansion
devices with cache coherent shared virtual memory. CCIX specification
leverages the PCI Express®4.0 architecture and ecosystem while
increasing the throughput to 25GT/s per lane. Moreover, the
specification adds the ability to maintain cache coherency across
devices from different providers, to address the high-performance needs
of heterogeneous compute systems, while enabling seamless acceleration
between them.

The overarching benefits of CCIX include autonomous data movement
between processor cache and accelerator cache without software driver
involvement and the enablement of Cache Coherent Shared Virtual Memory
programming paradigm. These components together substantially simplify
application development and increase data centers performance,
efficiency and overall return on investment.

“The CCIX ecosystem is providing the industry with a flexible
interconnect to deliver true peer processing in cache coherent
topologies with improved performance over existing interconnect
technologies,” said Gaurav Singh, CCIX Consortium chairman. “We are
beginning to see the availability of the first products with support for
the CCIX 1.0 specification and expect this strong adoption to continue
growing with the availability of the production version of the

The Base Specification 1.0 is available today for all CCIX members. To
join CCIX and start using the specification, visit www.ccixconsortim.com/join.

Join us at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC’18), June
24-28, Frankfurt Germany. At the CCIX booth, number L-432, the CCIX
organization will showcase several application demonstrations over CCIX
enabled devices.

About CCIX Consortium, Inc.

CCIX Consortium was founded to enable a new class of
interconnect-focused on emerging acceleration applications such as
machine learning, network processing, storage off-load, in-memory
database and 4G/5G wireless technology. The standard allows processors
based on different instruction set architectures to extend the benefits
of cache coherent, peer processing to a number of acceleration devices
including FPGAs, GPUs, network/storage adapters, intelligent networks,
and custom ASICs. CCIX simplifies the development and adoption by
extending well-established data center hardware and software
infrastructure. This ultimately allows system designers to seamlessly
integrate the right combination of heterogeneous components to address
their specific system needs. For more information, please visit https://www.ccixconsortium.com/.

CCIX Consortium Member Quote Sheet

The below quotes are provided by CCIX Consortium members regarding the
release of the CCIX Base Specification 1.0


“Scaling general-purpose CPUs alone won’t be sufficient to meet the
performance targets of future edge computing, and new approaches to
accelerating applications are needed,” said Jeff Defilippi, senior
product manager, Infrastructure Line of Business, Arm and CCIX
Consortium treasurer. “As a key contributor to the first open CCIX Base
Specification Rev. 1.0 release, Arm believes this innovative and
collaborative approach to coherent heterogeneous acceleration is a
significant step forward in delivering the performance needed for
analyzing and processing data from billions of connected devices.”


“Cadence is actively involved with the CCIX Consortium, and ratification
of the CCIX 1.0 specification demonstrates the momentum behind this
important interconnect standard,” said Stan Krolikoski, fellow,
strategic alliances at Cadence. “In collaboration with our ecosystem
partners, CCIX allows us to enable high-performance, heterogeneous
multi-processor/accelerator multi-chip systems. Cadence was one of the
first to deliver IP for CCIX, and our integrated CCIX solution
consisting of PHY, controller, drivers and verification IP enables
faster system integration while reducing our customers’ design risk with
silicon-proven IP. This allows our customers to accelerate product
development for the server and smart NIC markets with high confidence.”


“The release of the CCIX base specification 1.0 is a key milestone for
designers who are ready to deliver a new generation of high-performance,
heterogeneous systems for cloud computing applications,” said John
Koeter, vice president of marketing at Synopsys. “Synopsys has been a
contributing member of the CCIX consortium since its inception and
provides designers with complete, silicon proven CCIX IP solution that
enables them to achieve multi-gigabit performance with cache coherency
for data-intensive SoCs.”


“We are seeing increasing demand for higher performance interconnect,”
said Arnaud Schleich, CEO of PLDA. “PLDA’s CCIX controller IPs are
delivering additional throughput performance over existing interconnect
solutions to our valued customers while preserving backwards
compatibility with our current and future interface IPs.”

SmartDV Technologies India Private Limited

“SmartDV has CCIX verification IP compliant to CCIX Release1 Transport
Layer Specification and Protocol Layer V3.0 specification,” said Deepak
Tala, managing director, SmartDV Technologies India Private Limited.
“Detailed specification provided by CCIX organization has helped SmartDV
to develop quality Verification IP within very short time period.”

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