Company Profile for JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH

JPT Peptide Technologies is a DIN ISO 9001:2015 certified provider of
innovative high quality peptide-based products and services such as
clinical grade peptides & pools, custom peptides, peptide pools, stable
isotope-labeled peptides and many more. JPT has developed a portfolio of
proprietary technologies and a series of unique products which support
its customers worldwide. Additionally, JPT is actively involved in R&D
partnerships and contract research projects.

JPT’s scientific focus is:

• Cellular Therapy & Immunotherapy

• Development of immune monitoring tools & diagnostics

• Vaccine target discovery

• Biomarker quantification by targeted proteomics

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Headquarters Address:

D-12489 Berlin

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Key Executives:

CEO: Holger Wenschuh

Marketing & Sales



+49 30 6392 5500


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