COVID-19 Emergency Funds to be Released in 2-3 Weeks

After weeks of uncertainty and economic distress due to COVID-19, Finance Minister Bill Morneau has said emergency funds will be arriving in the next two to three weeks. According to Morneau, Parliament will be recalled to pass legislation and access the necessary funds. Canadians that have been struggling to find a way to pay for food, housing, and medication can now rest assured that the emergency funds will cover them, said Morneau. 

The Finance Minister who appeared in an interview with CBC News Network stressed the fact that the government was aware of the difficult time citizens were living and is pushing the social service system to provide economic aid as soon as possible. 

After waiving the one-week interim for employment insurance, the government released new actions that would assist Canadians and businesses financially suffering due to the pandemic. 

“One of them, very clearly, is setting up this new approach for people that are not in the employment insurance system. And that, we expect, will be able to have money to people in the two-to-three week time period,” he said.

“If we could find a way to sit down at a desk and write cheques today, we would. This is the fastest way we can determine how to get money out to people.”

Morneau stated that Parliament would be recalled possibly this weekend or early next week to pass the legislation needed to administer the funds. The financial assistance intends to cover some of Canadians rent and food as well as aid businesses in meeting payroll and help stabilize itself.