Datameer Named Leader in Ovum Self-Service Data Prep Decision Matrix

SAN FRANCISCO, June 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Datameer, the leader in big data management for analytics, is pleased to announce that it was named a leader in the Ovum Decision Matrix, Selecting a Self-Service Data Prep Solution, 2018-2019, ahead of Alteryx, Datawatch and Oracle. The report highlights Datameer as “a broad and complex platform [..] focused on building and managing data pipelines that enable data to be fed into any analytic tool.”

“In the self-service data prep market, we’re increasingly seeing the trend of ‘platformization’ of products, whereby data prep becomes a feature rather than a stand-alone tool,” said report author Paige Bartley, senior analyst at Ovum. “Datameer has taken this approach, offering a broad platform focused on data pipelines and self-service enablement. But with a broader platform and functionality comes the need for greater governance. Datameer is a high performer in this regard, leveraging its experience with enterprise deployments and Hadoop to offer integrations and native capabilities for governance of the data prep process at scale.”

According to the report, market leaders including Datameer are “notable for their high scores in the data governance and collaboration and machine learning categories in the technology features assessment and have solutions that tended to score better on maturity and deployment.” Ms. Bartley writes that Datameer offers “immense flexibility and connectivity, allowing it to be a central hub for data prep.” Datameer is ranked among the top vendors for the technology categories of integration and exploration, data manipulation, data governance, and administration, which measures cloud deployment capabilities.

“The Ovum report further validates our leadership in enterprise data preparation and the importance of Datameer’s self-service data pipeline and analytics capabilities,” said Christian Rodatus, Datameer CEO. “Enterprises around the globe use Datameer to get value and insights from their data at the speed of thought to make better, more trustworthy decisions and drive better business outcomes. We are pleased to be recognized in this important Ovum Decision Matrix.”

Download the complete report here.

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