DIA Launches DIA NOW for On-Demand Global Knowledge Access

founded as the Drug Information Association, announced the launch of its
newest product offering, DIA
NOW. DIA NOW enables on-demand, curated access to actionable
insights across DIA’s global platforms, including conferences, learning,
publications, and podcasts. This always-on access to continuously
updated conversations allows all stakeholders to be at the forefront of
industry, technology, and regulatory developments to optimize job
performance and improve organizational outcomes.

Around the world, DIA activities generate insights on a daily basis that
are critical to driving technological advancements from the lab,
throughout regulatory reviews, and ultimately to patients. However,
until now, access to those insights has been limited to in-person
attendees or after-the-fact recordings of individual events. Existing
models allow only a limited number of team members to have direct
access, therefore nuances in dialogues between groups get lost as
meeting attendees attempt to translate messages back to teams.
Additionally, information across local, regional, and global
developments is gathered slowly – from a variety of decentralized
sources with limited reach across disciplines. DIA NOW solves these
problems of scale and timeliness by providing a one-stop, always-on hub
of insights across all regions and all stakeholders.

“Since last year, our organization has participated in a pilot program
of DIA NOW. I’ve seen firsthand how direct access to insights can enable
teams to quickly achieve a collective understanding of stakeholder
perspectives. This increase in shared knowledge has led to higher
performing teams working to support our company’s goals of bringing
safe, effective products to patients,” explains Vivianne Arencibia,
Global Head, Novartis Quality External Engagement.

DIA NOW will enable access to curated content customized to the
organization’s needs and objectives. Built on a foundation of DIA
Learning products, DIA NOW will be continuously updated with original
content from over 60 topic specific meetings, four global meetings, 50
podcasts, and multiple publications per year.

“From over 50 years of experience in connecting stakeholders across the
various disciplines of life sciences, DIA knows that having access to
key information at the moment it is needed can lead to proactive
planning, more productive regulatory conversations, and ultimately
accelerated timelines for treatment access. DIA NOW is the solution to
ensure departments and organizations are developing the most effective
strategies based upon the most up-to-date and nuanced information,” said Sudip
S. Parikh, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and Managing Director,
Americas, DIA.

DIA NOW will be unveiled during a press conference to be held during the
DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting, on June 26 at 3:45 PM. The press
conference will provide a product demonstration, as well as, an
interview opportunity with Vivianne Arencibia from Novartis, a pilot
project participant of DIA NOW. You must be a registered DIA 2018 press
attendee to attend.

To learn more about DIA NOW, visit our website DIAglobal.org/NOW,
and attend the DIA NOW Press Conference at the DIA 2018 Global Annual

To register for the DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting, visit DIAglobal.org/DIA2018

Download the DIA
NOW Toolkit.

About DIA

DIA (founded as the Drug Information Association) is a global
association that mobilizes life science professionals from across all
areas of expertise to engage with patients, peers, and thought leaders
in a neutral environment on the issues of today and the possibilities
for tomorrow. As a member-driven, volunteer organization, professionals
from more than 80 countries have affected healthcare outcomes, by
engaging with DIA through an unparalleled network, educational
offerings, and professional development opportunities.

DIA is based in Washington, DC (US) with regional offices representing
the Americas (Horsham, PA, US); Europe, the Middle East, and Africa,
(Basel, Switzerland); and Asia (Beijing and Shanghai, China; Mumbai,
India; and Tokyo, Japan).

For more information, visit DIAglobal.org or connect with DIA on Twitter,
and Instagram.

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