DNAFit Becomes ISO 27001 Certified on Mission to Keep Data Secure

Following the recently implemented GDPR laws, DNAFit, a leading consumer
genetic testing and digital health company, has today announced it is
the first of its kind to become certified by ISO 27001 – the globally
recognised framework that focuses on best practices for information
security management systems.

DNAFit matches both ordinary individuals and elite sportspeople to the
diet, nutrition and fitness plans that best suit their DNA. Since 2013,
it has helped more than 50,000 people globally make better informed
decisions around their diet, nutrition and fitness goals.

The company has been working to secure this certification to not only
position the brand as one consumers can trust at a time when data
security is of the utmost importance, but to also further differentiate
DNAFit from its competitors around the globe. As a company that is
responsible for the data of high level sportspeople, Government
ministers and members of royal families, it is imperative that all data
is protected.

Avi Lasarow, CEO of DNAFit said: “Preventable Chronic Diseases
are going to be the largest driver of healthcare costs over the next 10
years and the use of genetic testing services to make small changes in
personal lifestyle decisions, such as the right diet, can make a big
impact. As a result, we want to make sure as a company that our existing
and future customers feel that their personal data is in safe hands. By
choosing DNAFit, they are assured that the world’s best data information
security practices are in place. We know that data security is important
to our current customers and potential future customers, so we have
worked hard for the past 18 months to ensure we could become the first
company in our market segment become ISO 27001 certified. We’re really
looking forward to working collaboratively in extending the framework
and certification across the Prenetics group over the coming months.”

ISO 27001 certification and GDPR has assisted DNAFit in on boarding
corporate customers such as The Walt Disney Company, The Telegraph,
LinkedIn and Bank Mitsui to offer DNAFit products as part of their
employee benefit schemes, in some cases providing the largest employee
benefit schemes in company history. The similarities between GDPR
compliance and ISO 27001 helped greatly in allowing DNAFit to move
quickly within this lucrative space and ensured a certain edge on
competing companies in the UK and abroad.


Notes to Editors:

About ISO 27001


About DNAFit:

I. Introduction: www.dnafit.com

a. DNAFit is a UK based genetics company that reports on genetic markers
related to fitness and nutrition. “Since we began in 2013, we’ve taken
cutting edge science out of the laboratory and into the hands of tens of
thousands of people, helping them understand how their DNA affects their
response to exercise and nutrition changes, to change the way we train
and eat, one DNA sample at a time.”

II. Pioneering Research:

a. In 2016 the brand delivered the first ever clinical study* that
demonstrated the potential of genetically guided training. A
peer-reviewed study on the DNAFit algorithm found that training
according to an individual’s genetics gave almost three times the
performance increase over unguided training.

*The DNAFit study is ‘A genetic-based algorithm for personalized
resistance training’ by Jones N, Kiely J, Suraci B, Collins DJ, de
Lorenzo D, Pickering C, Grimaldi KA. Biol Sport. 2016;33(2):117-126 and
can be downloaded in full here. https://www.dnafit.com/downloads/DNAFit%20Clinical%20Study%20VV1.pdf

III. Ethics and Data Security:

a. DNAFit adheres to a strict Code of Practice around ethics and
policies, which can be viewed here: https://www.dnafit.com/who-we-are/

b. DNAFit has passed the ISO 27001 Stage 2 Audit, the standard created
by the International Organisation for Standardization, which deals with
information security management, and positions DNAFit as the leading
genetics company in terms of data security.

c. In June last year, the company announced the appointment of respected
practitioner Carly McWilliams as Risk and Governance Manger, ensuring
that DNAFit operates within agreed policy and procedures that are
aligned with to international standards and regulatory requirements.

IV. DNAFit Scientific Advisory Board:

a. In July 2017, DNAFit announced the appointment of Dr. Silvia
Camporesi to the DNAFit Scientific Advisory Board as External Advisor
for Bioethics. A highly respected figure within the field of bioethics,
Dr. Camporesi is a tenured Lecturer at King’s College London, Dr.
Camporesi has an interdisciplinary background in medical
biotechnologies, ethics and philosophy. She currently directs the
Masters in Bioethics and Society within the Department of Global Health
and Social Medicine.

V. World Class Sporting Credentials:

a. DNAFit was recently announced as extended partners of the Egyptian
Football Association ahead of the upcoming FIFA World Cup. Every member
of the Egypt squad, including Liverpool’s Mohammed Salah uses DNAFit’s
genetic tests to inform their individual player training and diet plans,
creating arguably the most hyper personalised approach to sports science
of any nation at the FIFA World Cup.

VI. London Mayor’s International Business Programme:

a. Avi Lasarow and DNAFit are part of the The Mayor’s International
Business Programme for 2018. The programme, targeted at leading
innovative companies in the fields of technology and life sciences,
Incorporates bespoke business mentoring and global trade missions.

VII. Department for International Trade

a. DNAFit has been awarded the Greenlight from the DIT marking the
company as a “unique disruptive technology of exceptional global
potential”. The wider programme works with entrepreneurs with
exceptional innovative technologies and intellectual property from all
over the world, and taps into the Department for International Trade’s
unique global support infrastructure and network.

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