Don Forman & Fox5 Surprise Squad Look Forward to a Fruitful Year

Las Vegas, Nevada, June 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The long-standing alliance between American businessman Don Forman and the Fox5 Surprise Squad has paved created golden opportunities for everyone in all walks of life and both are not done yet as they look forward in changing more lives this year.

Forman, a branch owner of Tustin Nissan and United Nissan, joined forces with the Fox5 Surprise Squad in 2014 to accomplish the goal of providing the necessary assistance and reward to people who have been a good example to the community.

Tustin Nissan and United Nissan are shops located in Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas, Nevada respectively that specializes in everything Nissan which includes high-end services and original car components.

Collaboration with Fox5 Surprise Squad

The Fox5 Surprise Squad, on the other hand, was established in December of 2013 and is comprised of reporters, writers, and videographers who work hand-in-hand to share stories of pain, success, and heroic achievements to help inspire the state of Las Vegas.

Forman is widely-recognized for his humanitarian effort during the horrific 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting incident in which he provided safe passage by ferrying the friends and families of the victims and blood donors to the hospitals.

But his goodwill does not end there as Forman in cooperation with the American First Credit Union and the Fox5 Surprise Squad has granted gifts that will be forever etched to the hearts and minds of everyone.

The Story of Kylie Fronius

Take the case of Kylie Fronius who bravely asked 17-year-old Daniel Rivas as her date for the Homecoming celebration. Daniel suffers from autism and unfortunately, no one besides Kylie was courageous enough to fulfill the young man’s dream.

“I hope I can make his night fun. That’s just amazing,” Kylie said upon knowing that they will be going to the party with a Rolls-Royce.

Daniel’s mother, Tonya, couldn’t help but be emotional with the gesture of Kylie citing that she was really happy that his boy won’t be going alone to the homecoming.

‘I’m just touched. My heart is happy. It’s not about that Daniel has a disability, it’s about Kylie who didn’t see any disability, its just like what your heart wants,” Tonya added.

And things continued to get better for both Kylie and Daniel as Forman personally handed them a brand new Nissan Sentra courtesy of United Nissan and a $10,000 scholarship grant respectively.

“I go to college. It made me awesome. It made me cool. Very cool. My mom is so proud of me and my parents too,” Daniel closed.

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