Donnelley Financial Solutions and LedgerDomain Partner to Deliver Blockchain-Powered Solutions for Risk and Compliance

Financial Solutions (NYSE: DFIN), a leading provider of risk and
compliance solutions, is partnering with blockchain startup LedgerDomain
to bring the power and security of blockchain to clients globally.

Donnelley Financial and LedgerDomain are building secure, cloud-based
applications for companies to collaborate on complex processes with
critical regulatory and compliance dynamics. The enterprise blockchain
solution is a multi-user database with cell-level encryption that
automates workstreams performed by investment market teams.

“Regulatory disclosures and shareholder communications are manually
intensive, complex and involve multiple internal and external parties,”
said Eric Johnson, president of Global Investment Markets at Donnelley
Financial Solutions. “Blockchain-based enterprise solutions address our
clients’ pain points by attacking cost, complexity and operational risks
to improve the overall client experience. As the trusted partner for 90
percent of the top 50 fund complexes, Donnelley Financial will be able
to offer clients a next generation technology solution to streamline
their most complex transactions.”

“We’re excited to combine LedgerDomain’s expertise in blockchain
technology with Donnelley Financial’s digital regulatory and shareholder
solutions,” said Ben Taylor, CEO of LedgerDomain. “We knew we needed a
partner that could deliver actionable solutions. When we sat down with
Eric and his team, we realized immediately that we shared a vision on
technology and trust. We’re looking forward to working together to
deliver the security and power of blockchain to Donnelley Financial’s

Donnelley Financial recently hosted Blockchain: A Realistic Approach
to Implementation and Results webinar and developed a checklist
to determine an organization’s readiness for a blockchain pilot.

About Donnelley Financial Solutions

With the right solutions in moments that matter, Donnelley Financial
Solutions (NYSE: DFIN) delivers risk and compliance solutions that fuse
deep industry experience, unparalleled service, and elegant technologies
to provide our clients with insights that power their decisions and
shape global markets. The company has 3,500 employees in 61 locations
across 18 countries, serving thousands of clients globally. For more
information about Donnelley Financial Solutions, visit www.dfsco.com.

About LedgerDomain

LedgerDomain is a Nevada-based startup that aims to bring blockchain
solutions to global-scale, visionary organizations. Their patent-pending
enterprise-grade platform uses role-based clients secured with 2D bar
codes and biometrics, riding on HyperLedger’s permissioned,
cryptographically secure blockchain. By embedding smart contracts into
this communal trust machine, stakeholders may transact rapidly and with
greater personalization. For more information about LedgerDomain, visit www.ledgerdomain.com, or
follow us on Twitter @LedgerDomain
and LinkedIn.

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