Elavon Transforms Hotel Guest Experience by Offering Digital Payments for Gift Orders, Events and More

just eliminated the need for hotels to print and store paper copies of
customer card data. Today, the leading global payments provider
announced Converge Hospitality, a digital invoicing system for the hotel
industry. The system makes it safer and more convenient for customers to
pay for deposits on events and concierge-like services at hotels, while
eliminating the need to send card data remotely.

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Converge Hospitality: How It Works (Graphic: Elavon)

Currently, hotel guests are required to call, fax or email Credit Card
Authorization forms containing personal and card data, along with a
photo of the payment card for such items as conference or event
deposits, gifts sent to guest rooms or payment to return an item left at
the hotel. These manual ways of accepting third-party payments exposes
hotels and their guests to major security vulnerabilities. Converge
Hospitality eliminates these risks and reduces Payment Card Industry
(PCI) digital standards scope by moving the payment process online for
both the hotel and the customer – taking away the need to transfer or
store any sensitive cardholder information.

“The current practice of accepting payment for these types of popular
services at hotels is very manual, time-consuming and extremely risky,”
said Eric Liebman, vice president, head of product strategy, Hospitality
at Elavon. “Converge Hospitality protects payment data and all purchases
at the hotel property are completely streamlined. With our ecommerce
capabilities and record of the electronic transaction, it also reduces
human errors and adds greater convenience and peace of mind to guests.”

Converge Hospitality is simple to use. Here is how it works:

Converge Hospitality is an affordable solution and available for hotels
of all sizes. And, because it does not require any integration to the
property management or point-of-sale systems, it’s simple and quick to

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