Enamine and TBD Biodiscovery Collaborate to Provide GMP-Based Services

Enamine Ltd., a chemical research organization and producer of novel
building blocks and screening libraries, and TBD Biodiscovery, a premium
GMP manufacturer of fine chemicals including chemical active
pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), today announced they have entered
into a collaboration agreement. The partnership aims to manage the
transition of chemical synthesis of novel intermediates from laboratory
to bulk scale under GMP standards utilizing Enamine’s know-how and
process development expertise. This will help researchers meet the
manufacturing feasibility criteria required for drug candidate
selection, providing a rapid and cost effective scaled supply of new

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Enamine’s catalogue of building blocks is the largest in the world and
has been widely used by pharmaceutical companies for more than 15 years
to develop lead compounds and drug candidates. With syntheses of these
compounds first realized by Enamine, the company holds specialist
knowledge that can be critical to successful scale-up. In the announced
collaboration Enamine will optimize synthesis processes while TBD
Biodiscovery will use the developed protocols to manufacture requested
products to GMP standard.

Dr. Vladimir Ivanov, Chief of Sales and Marketing at Enamine, commented:
“We recognize that the building blocks we synthesize are being
incorporated into the development of new drugs. We are confident that by
working in partnership with TBD Biodiscovery with their extensive
experience in providing synthesis services under GMP, we can further
extend the support we provide and help streamline the manufacturing

Dr. Andrus Tasa, Chairman of the Management Board of TBD Biodiscovery,
adds: “I have been very impressed by the creativity of Enamine’s
chemists in designing new chemical synthesis. We are happy to have
Enamine’s support in optimizing the chemical processes used by us for
GMP manufacture.”

About Enamine Ltd. www.enamine.net

Established in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1991, Enamine is a chemical company
producing building blocks and screening libraries of world reputation.
The major asset of the company is the world’s largest collection of
building blocks: 150,000 in stock with 2,000 additions synthesized each
month. These research functionalized compounds provide a significant
competitive advantage to the company in supplying custom compound
libraries particularly in the frame of medicinal chemistry
collaborations or compound collection enhancement programs. Custom
synthesis and kilogram scale up based both on fee-for-service and FTE
models represent another area of business activities provided by
Enamine, which are growing significantly in recent years.

About TBD Biodiscovery www.biodiscovery.eu

TBD Biodiscovery is a private company providing contract manufacturing
and R&D services for biotech and pharma industry. The company has
European GMP certification and offers top quality in the production of
chemical APIs (both commercial and clinical batches), pre-formulations
for clinical studies and excipients – everything in compliance with the
strictest GMP guidelines. Since the beginning in 2006, TBD Biodiscovery
is renowned for its strong experience in synthesis route
design/scouting, complex multistep synthesis and upscale process

TBD Biodiscovery is based in Tartu, Estonia and operates worldwide; its
clients’ portfolio includes customers from EU, Switzerland, US, Israel,
Russia and South Korea.

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