Entrust Datacard Announces Ambitious Collaboration with IBM Security to Help Secure the Mobile Workforce

Datacard, a leading provider of trusted identity and secure
transaction technology solutions, today announced an expanded
integration with IBM MaaS360 with Watson, an industry-leading AI-enabled
unified endpoint management (UEM) solution.

As threats, capabilities and technology continue to evolve, the
solutions we turn to for digital trust must protect — but also enable —
a drive towards improved business outcomes that reduce IT costs and
complexity through streamlined access mechanisms. Governments and
mobile-first enterprises — those that want to use mobile technologies to
access sensitive data while eliminating the need for passwords and
hardware tokens — should look for derived credentials from NIST 800-157
compliant vendors with the most secure technologies that do not impede
employees’ work.

The integrated solution from Entrust Datacard and MaaS360 delivers an
end-to-end mobile solution designed to provide today’s companies with a
new level of confidence in securing their mobile workforce. This
integration provides a critical step in helping companies embrace mobile
business transformation initiatives that enhance employee productivity
and customer service.

The authentication technologies will enable anytime, anywhere, secure
access to applications, resources and information. MaaS360 will leverage
Entrust Datacard™ strong certificate-based mobile smart credential
technology to provide secure physical and logical access control to
mobile users, while minimizing friction. The technical integration will
allow for seamless customer deployments on-premise or through a fully
managed cloud service.

“When you provide mobile employees trusted identities to complete secure
transactions through a seamless user experience, you not only maximize
valuable resources, you optimize the usefulness of trusted identities,”
said Ryan Zlockie, global vice president, authentication for Entrust
Datacard. He continued, “While federal mandates serve as a catalyst for
the use of derived credentials, the solution outcome and methodology
we’re developing with IBM MaaS360 are directly relevant to many vertical
markets. We’re seeing a growth in customers who seek to improve
authentication to meet security and compliance needs — from internally
mobile-centric organizations such as healthcare and retail to external
teams in insurance, logistics and field operations.”

This integrated derived PIV credential solution establishes secure
remote access to enterprise networks and applications via
certificate-based authentication. This allows a mobile workforce, remote
and branch offices, and other employees who may telework, to
safely access business services using their mobile devices — all in a
way that leverages an HSPD-12 PKI based credential. IBM MaaS360 PIV-D
application integrates with Entrust Datacard strong certificate-based
mobile smart credential technology to provide secure physical and
logical access control to mobile users — while minimizing friction.

Learn more about PIV credentials from Entrust Datacard: https://www.entrustdatacard.com/solutions/derived-piv-credentials.

On June 28, Dan Miller, US Federal Sales Director at Entrust Datacard
and Alex Cherian, Program Director, IBM MaaS360 Product Management, will
co-present a webinar on the topic: “PIV is Going Mobile with Derived PIV
Credentials”. Register for the webinar here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/1246349597909681409?source=Press+Release

About Entrust Datacard Corporation

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