Fishbowl Launches Boxstorm Forever Free, Free Online Inventory Management Solution

today released Boxstorm®
Forever Free™, the first free online, unrestricted inventory
management solution that integrates with QuickBooks Online (QBO) to help
small to medium size businesses automate their inventory management and
eliminate manual processes.

The most significant problem small businesses face in managing their
inventory is the time, cost and headache of continually updating
spreadsheets or other manual processes. Boxstorm Forever Free provides
everything (with no restrictions or limitations) businesses need to
automate their inventory management.

Boxstorm Forever Free is entirely unrestricted, with no ads, no caps on
items in inventory, no caps on the number of users, no caps on locations
and no sales people calling to upgrade you. There is also no financial
risk – no credit cards required, no gimmicks to upgrade, no time limits,
just a full functioning inventory management solution they can integrate
with their QBO.

“Many businesses may never need more than Boxstorm Forever Free – and
we’re ok with that,” said John David King, Fishbowl CEO. “Boxstorm
Forever Free is a product of Fishbowl, the No. 1 inventory management
solution for QuickBooks. We understand the challenges small business
owners go through. Boxstorm Forever Free makes it easy for them to
overcome those challenges.”

Boxstorm Forever Free can be used as a standalone solution for any
organization that wants to affordably track assets, but for business
owners using or implementing QBO, it easily integrates for an easy and
strong inventory management solution accessible on any computing
platform, including mobile devices.

It is suitable for smaller businesses who want to more efficiently track
their inventory. It also permits scanning with industry standard
scanners, and with available iOS and Android apps (which are also free),
permits scanning with smartphones.

Boxstorm Forever Free is easy to use and easy to learn and includes
informative training videos and interactive guides.

In addition to Boxstorm Forever Free, Boxstorm – a Fishbowl Solution –
has three progressively more advanced versions to provide a gradual
upgrade path, allowing business owners to further automate their
business processes for greater efficiency at a pace and cost ideally
suited for their individual growth and financial situation:

Boxstorm Forever Free, along with Boxstorm’s more advanced versions, are
available immediately at www.boxstorm.com.

About Fishbowl and Boxstorm

Boxstorm Forever Free – a Fishbowl Solution – offers the first free
online, unrestricted inventory management solution that integrates with
QuickBooks Online for small to medium businesses. Boxstorm Forever Free
helps eliminate manual processes and spreadsheets for inventory
management. Boxstorm also comes in other, more advanced versions as
needed to continue automating processes for a business (www.boxstorm.com).
Based in Orem, Utah, Fishbowl is the No. 1 requested desktop
manufacturing and warehouse management solution for QuickBooks, and it
is also a popular standalone solution for organizations or enterprises
looking to track assets. www.fishbowlinventory.com

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