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Bio Pesticides Market Analysis & Trends – Industry Forecast to 2027”
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The Global Bio-Pesticides Market is poised to grow strong during the
forecast period 2017 to 2027. Some of the prominent trends that the
market is witnessing include zero residue farming, launching and easy
registration of new bio pesticides.

Report Highlights

Segments Covered

On the basis of type, the market is segmented into biofungicides,
bioinsecticides, bioherbicides, bio nematicides and other types; where
biofungicides are further subdivided into microbial biofungicides,
biochemicalfungicides, macroorganism; bioinsecticides are again divided
into bacillus thuringiensis, metarhizium anisopliae, beauveria bassiana,
verticillium lecanii; bio nematicides, subdivisions are biochemicals and
microbials, other types are sectioned into predators, pheromones,
protozoa, plant-incorporated protectants.

Based on the source, the market is categorized into biochemical
pesticides, microbial pesticides and beneficial insects. Microbial
pesticides are subdivided into viral, fungal, bacterial, nematode and
other microbial pesticides.

Depending on the form, the market is divided into dry and liquid. Dry
segment is again classified into dry granules, wettable powder and
water-dispersible granules; and liquid is further segregated as
emulsifiable concentrate, suspension concentrate and soluble liquid

By crop based, the market is classified into oilseeds & pulses, grains &
cereals, fruits & vegatables, orchards, grazing & dry land and field
crops. Oilseeds & pulses are further again divided into sunflower,
soybean and other oilseeds & pulses. Grains & cereals are sub segmented
as corn, wheat and other grains & cereals. Fruits & vegetables are again
classified into berries, pome fruits, leafy vegetables, root & tuber,
vegetables, citrus fruits and other fruits & vegetables.

Based on the non crop based, the market is categorized into turf &
ornamental grass and other non crop based. On the basis of application,
the market is sectioned into seed treatment, soil treatment, post
harvest and foliar spray.

Key Topics Covered

1 Market Outline

2 Executive Summary

3 Market Overview

4 Bio Pesticides Market, By Type

5 Bio Pesticides Market, By Source

6 Bio Pesticides Market, By Form

7 Bio Pesticides Market, By Crop Based

8 Bio Pesticides Market, By Non Crop Based

9 Bio Pesticides Market, By Application

10 Bio Pesticides Market, By Geography

11 Key Player Activities

12 Leading Companies

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