goTRG Cleans Haulover Bayside Beach Picnic Area Continuing Companys 2018 Community Outreach Program Commitment

Miami, FL, July 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The beach clean up at Haulover Bayside Picnic Area is part of the ongoing “goTRG Outreach Program” implemented at the end of last year. The program aims to participate in one community outreach event per month in 2018. 


“The company’s mission is two-fold; it seeks to bring some joy to members of the community in need and to create a positive energy and culture in the workplace as well as your daily life,” Sender Shamiss, CEO of goTRG said.

30lbs of Plastic and Other Trash Collected at Haulover Beach

The goTRG team joined Dara Schoenwald, co-founder of VolunteerCleanup.org, a non-profit that aims to protect the waterways and wildlife from harmful man-made debris. In a few short hours, 30lbs of plastic, Styrofoam, bottle caps, and other trash were collected.

“Our ‘Corporate Day of Service’ shoreline cleanup program is the perfect way for companies to engage employees in our marine debris problem while showing love for the communities they serve,” Schoenwald said. “When a company like goTRG partners with VolunteerCleanup.org for a shoreline cleanup, it helps to support the work we do.”

goTRG Beach Clean Up Day One of Many Outreach Program Events

The goTRG team has already held several philanthropic events, such as a visit from Santa at Fienberg Fisher K-8 Center, a title one school in Miami Beach.

“We are so excited to implement our outreach program! This is an amazing team building opportunity for the company, teammates and our local community,” Shamiss said.

Over 350 students received gifts from Santa during the outreach program children’s event. The company also donated 25 laptops to the school with a promise to build a robotics lab on campus.

“The entire message behind our outreach program is for goTRG to give back and try to make a difference starting with our local communities,” Patricia Anderson, Director of Human Resources at goTRG said. “Each outreach is near and dear to our teams’ hearts.”

Feel free to connect with goTRG to find out more about the upcoming 2018 Outreach Program events.

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Ber Mitchell