GVLN Peaceland to Announce the Peacemakers of Tomorrow Dream Team at Their Washington DC Press Conference

today announced that they would present initial dream team of
Peacemakers of Tomorrow at their Washington DC press
conference and their partnerships for DT Peace Park, Monument
and wellness resort.

To confirm or receive your invitation, contact Sara Gana at sara@gvln-peaceland.com
or 484-744-5861. For more information:


About ‘Peacemakers of Tomorrow’ Dream Team

It is the first announcement of partnerships and people who make their
stand for global peace becoming the peacemakers of tomorrow. The
Washington DC ‘Peacemakers of Tomorrow’ Dream Team Announcement Press
Conference opens with brief introductions, announcement of partnerships
and location for the North American DT Peace Project.

About the DT Peace Project DT Peace Project is part of DT Global
Peace Institutions works. Their vision is ‘to make planet earth a
livable place while creating global identity for peace’ and with the
mission of ‘Connecting 7 Continents and uniting all Nations’ through
proactive global alliances.

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