Heartbeat Certified as Veeva Level 4 Multichannel Content Partner

Leading healthcare marketing agency Heartbeat
has earned Level 4 certification status with Veeva Systems, Inc, a
leader in cloud-based software for the global life sciences industry.

Veeva has become an established market leader in Sales
Representative–Customer engagement through cloud-based solutions. As a
Level 4 multichannel content partner, Heartbeat has now achieved the
highest level of certification possible for an agency or content
provider; it is one of only 14 agencies in the United States to achieve
this significant milestone. The Level 4 distinction signifies
Heartbeat’s accreditation across all Veeva multichannel products,
including Veeva CLM, Veeva CRM Approved Email, Veeva CRM Engage, and
Veeva MyInsights.

To earn the rigorous Level 4 certification, Heartbeat was required to
submit a comprehensive evaluation project demonstrating proficiency in
up to 35 predefined criteria for each product in the Veeva Commercial
Suite. Veeva must validate each criterion as fully completed in order to
award certification for each individual product. The Level 4
certification verifies that Heartbeat has shown mastery in all aspects
of the Veeva Commercial Suite products.

“We’re proud of our team and thrilled to reach this important
milestone,” said Chris Cocking, Director of Technology at Heartbeat, who
led the certification effort with Veeva. “The Veeva platform is an
integral part of our clients’ digital ecosystem, and we are committed to
doing the highest quality work in this space.”

Heartbeat’s VP of Technology, David Sakadelis, added, “Veeva has become
an industry standard, and this accomplishment highlights Heartbeat’s
dedication to supporting our clients with the best possible technology
and content solutions.”

Heartbeat’s long history of successful collaboration with the Veeva
platform dates back to 2011. The Level 4 certification will serve to
enhance the already robust Veeva capabilities offered by the leading
healthcare marketing firm.

About HeartbeatHeartbeat is a full-service agency for
healthcare Challenger Brands. Challengers are playing a high-stakes
game—they must battle behemoth market leaders, upend ingrained treatment
habits, or transform a “me-too” product into “yes-please.”

The agency is known for serving up distinctive strategies and
differentiating approaches, ensuring a client’s market position is
uniquely owned. They house strategy, creative, media, and technology
under a single roof for the tightest, most integrated campaigns
possible. And Heartbeat looks to understand and extract maximum value
from every dollar spent, constantly—all the necessary elements for
Challengers to triumph.

That’s the philosophy, here are the creds: 200 employees between NYC &
LA; 6 agency leaders with a decade+ of tenure; a pile of awards from the
likes of the Mannys, MM&M, OMMA, and Clio, not to mention an Agency of
the Year nom to boot; and led by a Managing Director who dared to be
quoted as follows: “We celebrate people who stand up and say, ‘You know
what? This is dumb.’” Damn straight.

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