HTG Molecular Diagnostics Highlights Article Linked to its Transcriptome Panel in Bladder Cancer

HTG Molecular Diagnostics, Inc. (Nasdaq: HTGM) today highlighted a peer reviewed journal article featuring the HTG Transcriptome Panel (HTP) less than one year after the breakthrough product’s commercial release.

Shares of HTG Molecular Diagnostics, Inc. (Nasdaq: HTGM) gained 25% in premarket trading following the announcement.

Measuring approximately 20,000 mRNA targets using HTG’s proprietary HTG EdgeSeqTM technology, HTP can be deployed to profile a wide range of diseases and be used to aid in uncovering predictive biomarkers, helping identify patients who will best be served by chemotherapy and those who could forgo such a damaging treatment.

“We are proud of the scientific progress that is being enabled by researchers using our cutting edge technology, such as the team at University Hospital Frankfurt,” said John Lubniewski, CEO of HTG. “I believe the growing number of customer publications and presentations made by researchers who have experienced the unique utility of our HTP reflect the transformational impact that this product can have both in oncology and in other areas of scientific research and innovation.”

In the article, the HTP was used to search 19,398 mRNA targets in an effort to advance the understanding of how best to treat bladder cancer patients who do not fall into categories identified by routine tissue staining. Additionally, the HTP has also been shown to have a higher sample success rate than RNA-Seq for gene expression profiling and was recently the subject of a global webinar presentation by researchers from AbbVie.