IIoT-OXYS Inc. (ITOX) Announces New Management Team to Lead Company towards Future Growth Objectives

CAMBRIDGE, MA , June 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IIoT-OXYS, Inc. announced today that with the appointment of Clifford Emmons as CEO, the formation of a new and highly qualified management team is now complete.   Dr. Nevan Hanumara, former CEO, observed that “the appointment and Board Approval of Cliff as our CEO and a Director is a seminally important event in our corporate history.  Cliff is a proven industry leader who established a Shanghai-based R&D center that grew to over 200 people, launched over a dozen products, and grew to over $50 million in worldwide revenue in just three years.   He has extensive North America and Asian research and development and product development experience.  I cannot think of a better person to lead the rapid and transformative expansion of IIoT-OXYS markets and product offerings.”   Mr. Emmons is also joined by Anthony Coufal, who was recently appointed as CTO, and Patrick Phillips, who is the original founder of HereLab and through the acquisition of HereLab by IIoT-OXYS became the COO as well as a Director.  

Cliff Emmons, newly appointed CEO of IIoT-OXYS Inc., commented that “we now have in place a profoundly qualified executive management team that is capable of taking IIoT-OXYS to new heights both in terms of product offerings and revenue.  Patrick Phillips brings a very accomplished track record of previous achievement in the creation of dozens of edge sensing devices which have applications in agriculture, facilities management and more.  As COO he continues to show a deep knowledge of customer needs, current market trends, and how best to formulate effective solutions in the Edge Intelligence space.  Tony Coufal brings extensive entrepreneurial skill from his previous successful businesses in North America, the Caribbean, and South America.  He is a multicultural leader with extensive technical experience in IT, telecom, cloud computing and wireless communications, all technologies important to IIoT.  As CTO he has laser-like focus on developing the technical skill base and the human resources we need to successfully maintain a leadership role as well as meet and exceed customer expectations.”

Patrick Phillips, COO of IIoT-OXYS, Inc., observed that “we as a unified executive team will greatly expand the original vision brought about due to the unification of IIoT-OXYS and HereLab.  Our focus remains on responsive, integrated and focused solutions to meet customer needs, not just component sales or software licensing.  We seek to solve the real crux of the Edge Intelligence problems faced by our customers now and in the future.”

Tony Coufal, CTO of IIoT-OXYS Inc. added that “my role as CTO is critical to ensuring that we have the best technology resources and people to execute the current and future projects that we will undertake.  I am fully embedded in the Boston and Cambridge entrepreneurial ecosystem and I am fully leveraging my extensive network in this unique ecosystem to ensure that IIoT-OXYS will be in a leading position with respect to technical solutions and value added to the customer.”

Cliff Emmons, CEO of IIoT-OXYS Inc., concluded that “we have a great team that is rapidly expanding our customer base and revenue for 2018, 2019, and beyond.  We are effectively executing on several manufacturing-related IIoT as well as smart infrastructure projects now.   We are also heavily engaged in successfully courting Biotech and Pharma as a new market focus for IIoT-OXYS, Inc.  This is especially relevant as Cambridge, MA is one of the world leading centers for Biotech, Pharma, and Medical Devices.  It is therefore natural that we focus on opportunities in this space.  We look forward to more extensively discussing our plans in future communications including potential quarterly earnings calls.”

Forward-Looking Statements

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