James Roemer Announces Launch of New Platform for Forecasting Weather Risk, Hurricanes, and Commodity Price Trends: CLIMATECH

Commodity markets across the globe will be greatly affected by weather
and crop conditions in the months ahead.

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Storm Tracks 1963 (top) and 2017 (bottom) (Graphic: Business Wire)

Most recently:

Months in advance, CLIMATECH® has assisted hedge funds and
companies in the insurance and food industries to anticipate weather
issues and price movements. It is also a highly effective tool in
school and university classes and labs by teaching students about
climate change, and how climatic events that are thousands of miles away
can help predict the weather with more precision.

“Teleconnections and analogs” are the key elements in a new hurricane
feature that greatly improves accuracy in predicting hurricane tracks
and intensities.

“We are very excited about our new hurricane module, which can be
used across multiple industries. Our product is a “must” for any
meteorologist. We are working to find the “Holy Grail” in long-range
weather forecasting,” said James Roemer – President
of BestWeather, Inc.

CLIMATECH® subscribers will receive updated teleconnection data twice a
month with many other features that help determine long range weather
trends impacting various industries.

For comparisons to current conditions, two of the most significant
analog years identified by CLIMATECH® for hurricanes are 1963 and
2017(shown above). The 1963 teleconnections having the greatest
similarity to those prevailing today are:

Notice that in 1963, total Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) was 130.
This is below historical standards and much less than in 2017, when
total ACE was 230 with 16 named storms, 6 of which were major
hurricanes. Our expectation is that the hurricane season will be weaker
than the historical averages, with the Gulf coast likely NOT having a
major strike this year. For additional information about hurricane
impact on commodities, and our analog years, please visit our blog
page at http://www.bestweatherinc.com/best-blog/.

To download a CLIMATECH® brochure, please click here: http://www.bestweatherinc.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Climatech_8x11_Print-2.pdf?x72143

To inquire about CLIMATECH® subscriptions, and for information about a
unique weather/commodity investment newsletter that we will begin
offering this summer, please email us at the address below.

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