Juniper Research: Future Digital Awards 2018 Technology & Innovation Winners Announced

Companies at the forefront of new developments across an array of
leading technological categories have been honoured in this year’s Juniper
Research Future Digital Awards.

The award winners and runners-up in each category were as follows:

The Future Digital Awards are given to companies that Juniper believes
have made significant progress within their sector during the previous
year, and are now poised to make considerable market impact in the

The awards were decided by a panel of expert judges based on a number of
criteria including: product features and user benefits; innovation;
commercial partnerships; commercial launches; certification &
compliance; and, potential future business development.

Steffen Sorrell, panel judge and Principal Analyst at Juniper Research,
said that: “Advanced technology has enabled an era of transformative
products and services, and this year’s set of entries has demonstrated a
desire by companies to leave no stone unturned to deliver in that

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hi-tech communications sector, delivering consultancy, analyst reports
and industry commentary.

For further details on the Future Digital Awards, or on Juniper’s full
range of research, please contact Sam Smith, Press Relations.

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