Legislation Passed for COVID-19 Supports After Power Struggle

Canadians have remained anxious on what’s to come as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge, luckily the House of Commons passed an emergency legislation amounting to CAD82 Billion that will aid citizens during this time. After a long night of discussions, striving to cap the Liberal government’s spending without parliamentary permission, the bill was approved.

Conservatives had expressed disapproval on Tuesday after citing the situation as a Liberal “power grab.” Previously that day, an emergency meeting of the House of Commons had been postponed after reaching disagreeable terms. Provisions that gave the government full reign, for the next 21 months, to spend, borrow and change taxation levels with no parliament approval was put on the table by Liberals. Nevertheless, conservatives were not having it and leader Andrew Scheer explained that he was on board to help struggling citizens in any way possible, but would not support the Liberal government gaining any more power than it currently had. 

“Any conversation about new government powers should not get in the way of passing this much-needed assistance,” he said. “Canadians are counting on us.”

Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves- Francois Blanchet gave the ultimatum of agreeing on a decision or taking the bill through the normal lengthy legislative process. Ultimately the bill went through with all-party support, although it held opposition during the second reading when Coservative MP Michael Chong spoke on his concerns. 

The Senate is next to review and give the stamp of approval according to Government House leader Pablo Rodriguez. 

“Canadians need support to get through this. Fast,” Rodriguez tweeted.