NAFCU Services Announces DefenseStorm as Preferred Partner for Cloud-Based Cybersecurity

NAFCU Services has designated DefenseStorm, a nationwide provider of
cybersecurity and compliance solutions, as the Preferred Partner for
their Cloud Based Cybersecurity Platform. The NAFCU Services Preferred
Partners are selected by three panels of leading credit union CEOs.

uniquely combines cybersecurity and compliance built specifically for
banking on one platform, so both are real time and automated together.
This benefits community-focused credit unions that seek greater scale
from IT and compliance staffs. The DefenseStorm GRID is the only system
with the FFIEC CAT and ACET compliance elements built-in, and links
policies to real-time alerts so credit unions can demonstrate to
regulators and examiners that they are secure and compliant with
industry requirements and their own policies.

“We are proud to partner with DefenseStorm because they are so clearly
dedicated to credit unions, and to providing them with real-time cyber
safety and soundness. Their solutions are vital to the success,
security, and stability of financial institutions,” said Randy Salser,
President of NAFCU Services Corporation.

“With approximately 20 million cyber events occurring per day per
financial institution, the volume and sophistication of today’s cyber
threats are definitely challenging credit unions to maintain and prove
‘Cyber Safety and Soundness.’ For this reason, we are thrilled to
partner with the NAFCU community, an organization that is entirely
dedicated to the empowerment and betterment of credit unions,” stated
Sean Feeney, CEO of DefenseStorm.

About NAFCU Services

NAFCU Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Association
of Federally-Insured Credit Unions (NAFCU). For over 40 years, NAFCU
Services has been connecting credit unions to the best industry
partners, and delivering vetted solutions in areas such as technology,
security, risk management, operations, insurance, payments, and more.
Combined, these partners support virtually 100% of all credit
unions. For more information, visit www.nafcu.org/nafcuservices and
follow on Twitter.

About DefenseStorm

DefenseStorm is the only company that combines and automates in real
time cybersecurity and cybercompliance built for banking, so financial
institutions can achieve Cyber Safety & Soundness according to
regulations and their own policies. The DefenseStorm GRID™ is the only
co-managed, cloud-based, and compliance-automated solution of its kind,
operating as a technology system and as a service supported by experts
in financial institution security and compliance. For more information,
visit www.DefenseStorm.com.

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