Ontario Premier Speaks Out Against Reopening U.S Border

The total number of COVID-19 cases in Ontario recently surpassed 21,000 and Premier, Doug Ford, voiced he did not believe it was the right time to reopen the border between Canada and the United States. 

Ford explained that trade should continue as usual as “that’s critical”, nevertheless the premier does not want visitors to begin entering the country or citizens exiting. 

On Wednesday, during Ford’s  daily news conference, he said “I want to keep it closed, and I made it very clear on the call with the premiers and prime minister, we need it closed,”  

“Right now, we’re going to have to keep the borders closed … we just can’t risk it.”

In March both countries agreed to close the border for a period of time, except for commercial traffic and essential workers, it has since been extended until May 21. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke out Tuesday saying that the country would be “very careful” regarding the reopening to international travel.

According to Trudeau, “Preventing transmission from outside of Canada into Canada, once we have controlled the spread within Canada, will be an essential part of ensuring that we don’t fall back into a second wave that could be as serious as this wave we’re going through, or even more so,”

Ontario reported 329 new COVID-19 cases Wednesday, nevertheless almost three quarters of all the cases in the province have been resolved, reported the Ministry of Health. 

Ford has suggested people and businesses get ready for “stage one” of reopening the province. This would entail the aperture of locations that could comply with health guidelines as well as open areas such as parks. 

However, Ford said, “we aren’t quite there yet.