Parents Want Summer to End After Just 13 Days, According to a New Groupon Survey

School is out for the summer, which means that parents have the enormous
challenge of coming up with a daily regimen of activities that educate
and entertain their children. And while most say they’re up to the task,
adding the responsibility of social activities director along with being
a mom or dad can come with a price.

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Groupon asked 2,000 parents about their summer plans, and found that they’re ready for summer break to end after just 13 days. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) (www.groupon.com)
asked 2,000 parents about their summer plans, and found that they’re
ready for summer break to end after just 13 days. More than half (58
percent) of parents say they get stressed out trying to keep their
children busy over break, and 75 percent are ready for their kids to go
back to school at the end of the summer.

“It’s summertime and you gotta find your kids something to do. Because
an energetic kid with too much free time can land you in small claims
court,” said actress and Groupon spokesperson Tiffany Haddish in the
company’s new
summer radio ad.

The survey––conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Groupon––identified
other top causes of summer stress and found that letting the kids stay
in the house rather than going outside to play, lacking awareness of
where to find affordable children’s activities in their community,
worrying about the impact of rising gas prices and letting their
children spend too much time in front of their electronic devices all
contributed to parents’ current state of unease.

While most parents are anxious about finding enough things for their
kids to do, they shared some top ways to help you totally win summer and
make this break one to remember for the whole family. According to the
research, the best ways to keep your children occupied include taking
them to a local
amusement or water park, a
movie, the
zoo, bowling
or camping.

“Parents love spending time with their kids, but it’s totally normal to
experience some stress and anxiety when planning all the fun that you’re
going to have together this summer,” said Brian Fields, Groupon’s head
of things to do. “The parents we interviewed said they’ve found the most
success by not overthinking the situation and turning to affordable
activities in their local community.”

When planning an activity for their children, parents said they look for
the following criteria: does it involve quality family time, is it cost
effective, does it teach them something new, is it a good balance of fun
and culture and will it be something they can talk about when they go
back to school.

For those families looking to have the perfect time this summer on just
about any budget, Groupon offers a number of top activities in your
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