Premier Doug Ford Defies Ontario’s COVID-19 Restrictions

Canadians are reacting upon the news that Premier Doug Ford violated Ontario’s established COVID-19 measures. Ford’s daughters visited his residence over mother’s Day Weekend, sparking questions on his commitment to the social distancing regulations. 

On Monday Ford explained that the family meeting was restricted to only 6 people, which were “direct family,” meaning his daughters attended without their husbands or boyfriends. 

“I really trust the judgment of the people of Ontario. If you have an elderly mother or father, and their health isn’t great, I wouldn’t chance it,” Ford said.

“I’d keep with immediate family. That would be my recommendation. I wouldn’t get into the big gatherings. That just can’t happen. We want to keep it with immediate family just for a little bit longer.”

Just a few days prior to the incident, Ontario’s medical officer of health said he worried that about 55% of new COVID-19 cases were being spread through the community. Ontario residents have wondered when the restrictions in place would be reevaluated.

According to the province’s chief medical officer, Dr. David Williams, “The key public health measure, as you recall, was the requirement for people to — except in the family unit or bubble — stay six feet away, ideally stay home, have very little interaction that would bring you in proximity of people closer than six feet. And that is still in place at this time.”

Nevertheless, Ford’s actions have caused people to question whether it is now safe to visit family within other households. 

Dr Williams interjected, saying “We’re asking people to do their part to maintain the physical distancing at this stage and then … when the community transmission is down enough, we can look at it” he then added, “at this point, our messaging is still the same and we’re asking people to hold the fort for now.”