PriceSpider Presents the Essential Guide to Brand Monitoring

IRVINE, Calif., June 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PriceSpider—an industry pioneer in creating advanced retail technology solutions for brand manufacturers and retailers—is pleased to present The Essential Guide to Brand Monitoring. In order to create the best possible value for its customers, PriceSpider has created an easy-to-follow downloadable guide to help users understand how brand monitoring can lead to increased sales through protecting their brand online.

PriceSpider on Brand Integrity: A Brief Overview of “The Essential Guide to Brand Monitoring”
Brand manufacturers can do everything right when building their brand, but if the message and product information is communicated incorrectly by retailers, their hard work is wasted and their reputation could suffer. It’s important that the product is consistently and correctly presented to customers in order to ensure the best sales results. With online shopping now the core of retail sales, it only makes sense that monitoring how a brand is presented online would be essential to success.

How does a manufacturer monitor their brand online? It would be an inefficient use of time and resources to have a team physically monitor every single product on retailers’ sites. A digital solution would allow for a more effective use of time for the team. Brand monitoring digitally crawls the web and compiles important actionable data. It can quickly and efficiently provide visiblilty into important questions such as:

  • Which products are performing well and which aren’t?
  • Which retailers are using manufacturer-approved content?
  • Which piece or pieces of product content are hampering or enhancing sales performance?
  • How many retailers are currently offering the product?
  • Where are the products available for sale and are they in stock and ready to sell today?
  • How do sales of this product compare with others the company has produced?
  • What are the trends in product sales?
  • How are people responding to the product?

Brand monitoring solutions can strengthen the brand by maintaining consistency, ensuring a positive customer experience and increasing sales. Manufacturers can learn more about how brand monitoring works and the benefits of a digital solution in The Essential Guide to Brand Monitoring.

About PriceSpider: PriceSpider is the world’s leading conversion platform specializing in retail technology products and solutions that provide invaluable insight into consumer purchasing behavior. A partner to many of the world’s largest brands, PriceSpider is powered by proprietary “spidering” technology that collects a wide range of data from thousands of e-commerce sites. By connecting the dots between brands, retailers and shoppers, PriceSpider provides essential information on what, where, when and how people purchase. From conversion data capture to dashboards that analyze retailer and brand performance, pricing and competitor posture, PriceSpider gives companies real-time omni-channel visibility, actionable data-backed insights and practical recommendations that help clients know more so they can sell more. Connect with PriceSpider on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. For more information, please visit www.PriceSpider.com

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