Quebec Prepares to Reopen Schools in the Fall

Quebec is set to reopen school by the fall of this year, however, guidelines are yet to be implemented. Though the government aims to have children back in the classroom full time, part time schooling is also in the talks. 

“We want to get as close as possible to normalcy,” Education Minister Jean-François Roberge said on Radio-Canada’s Tout un matin Friday. 

As stated Thursday in a working document by the province, education officials and opposition parties highlighted two different options for both primary and secondary schools. The first choice, endorsed by Roberge, entailed students returning to the classroom full time. Meanwhile, the second alternative would result in primary students attending school part time, with a lower quantity of kids as social distancing is enforced. 

Roberge admitted that he was aware social distancing would be difficult within the classroom and that common areas such as cafeterias would become off limits for the time.  

“I have hope it will be accepted [by public health],” he said. “The infection curves are lowering, we’re taming the beast. I think there’s a wave of hope right now.”

He added that schooling will be required in the fall and that all parents who choose not to send their children must follow the approved guidelines for homeschooling. 

“I think that if we respect the rules, we can be hopeful that all the students who are physically ready will go to school, to CEGEP, to university, at the start of the school year in September,” said Premier François Legault.