Retail Energy Industry Disruption on the Horizon: Connecticut Start Up, Viv, Leverages Gig Economy for Industry Shakeup

a new technology company aimed at lifestyle betterment, announces the
launch of AutoPilot, an energy product that is posed to disrupt the
retail energy industry without ever being a supplier. This announcement
solidifies the launch of the for-purpose company and its mission to
improve the lives of their customers, Life Consultants, and communities.
With over 1,000 independent Life Consultants already onboard to spread
the word about energy choice, AutoPilot is being recognized as an
industry force to watch.

Committed to radical transparency and putting the customer at the center
of its business, Viv is disrupting the retail energy industry through
its flagship product, AutoPilot, powered by its sister company, Utiliz.
AutoPilot acts like a “financial manager” for energy, tracking personal
renewal dates, monitoring energy markets daily, constantly identifying
savings opportunities, and automatically switching participants to
ensure they are always on the right plans at the end of renewal terms.
To get started, customers simply need to send a copy of their latest
energy bill. From there, saving money becomes a completely automated
process. AutoPilot is blazing new trails in the energy space, as it
represents the first time that customers in deregulated areas can choose
their energy suppliers, without hassle or constant monitoring; they can
just set it and forget it.

As a socially responsible company, Viv also ensures that 50% of its
customers’ usage is renewable—at no extra cost. It’s the same
electricity, same power lines, on the same utility bill, but greener,
and at a lower cost, guaranteed. Because Viv is not a supplier of
energy, it can maintain a level of neutrality that is often unseen, and
instead focus on offering customers the most convenient and affordable
programs, based on their unique needs.

Viv’s commitment to impact, however, is not limited to one product or
industry. In fact, far from it. Its products are being brought to market
through the “gig economy;” Life Consultants are encouraged to make Viv a
“side gig” to help supplement their current income and improve their own
lives and the lives of their families. Additionally, Viv Life
Consultants can also refer customers to a wide range of products and
services, from home security to identity theft protection to technical
support, that will improve the lives of their customers and can be sold
nationwide, offering them rewarding income potential.

Clearly, the Viv offerings and mission are resonating, as many
independent consultants have flocked to the company, led by CEO Cami
Boehme, former CSO of three-quarter billion publicly traded energy
retailer and recognized as one of the most influential women in direct
selling. “Our product and service offerings may cover a wide range of
services, but our mission is simple; we want to improve people’s lives
through choice, transparency, and greater control over the products and
services they need,” Boehme said. “At the core of every one of our
offerings is our commitment to giving back and a driving belief that
business can and should be a force for good in the world.”

Taking their mission even one step further, Viv has also committed 1% of
all revenue to support social good initiatives through its One At A Time
program, which will focus on helping communities thrive both locally and
globally. This puts Viv in great company with other socially aware
companies that have joined Pledge
1%. Viv is also currently working toward becoming a B Corp to
formalize their commitment to the greater good as part of their business

Network, LLC is a Connecticut-based technology company that provides
energy and lifestyle products and services that everyone needs and uses
everyday—products that make Life Better, as the company’s tagline
suggests. Providing radical transparency with a customer-centric focus
and commitment to social good are core to the company’s mission to
provide consumers a way of life that is easier, more affordable, and
more satisfying. Viv is a proud member of the Path One Group of
Companies, along with sister company Utiliz, LLC. Viv’s flagship
product, AutoPilot, is provided through a partnership with Utiliz, a
licensed energy broker currently active in Connecticut, New Jersey,
Massachusetts, New York and New Hampshire. Savings vary depending on
region and market dynamics.

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