Rivoli Group announces completion of its new international corporate strategy

Rivoli Group AG completes its comprehensive operational restructuring
process and acts with a new presence in the future.

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Rivoli Group Announces Completion of Its New International Corporate Strategy (Photo: Business Wire)

The Swiss based Rivoli Group AG has now completed the comprehensive
restructuring process as part of the international realignment of its
corporate strategy. After an intensive evaluation of the situation, the
available resources and existing market potential, the Chairman of the
Board of Directors Mr. Mourad Malloul, the management team and an
international advisory committee coordinated the strategy together.

“This is the beginning of a crucial new chapter for the Rivoli Group,”
the President and CEO of Rivoli Group AG said.

The measure aims to strengthen the competitive advantages within the
company group, to adjust their service offerings and to redefine
business processes.

In addition to the integration of newly developed risk management
solutions, the coverage presence in the emerging markets with
above-average growth potential, as well as the maximum achievable
flexibility and scope of the company’s investment products play an
essential role.

Also, the necessary infrastructure is to be created in an agreement
between all involved parties to increase the growth in the Venture
Capital division exponentially.

The management of the Rivoli Group expects to implement the necessary
measures during the fourth quarter of this business year.

The renewal of the communication infrastructure (website, corporate
identity, etc.) is one of the numerous measures to increase the range,
which initiates in combination with the other necessary steps.

About Rivoli Group AG

The Rivoli Group is an international consulting and investment company
headquartered in Zurich. In addition to financing innovative-oriented
companies, from the seed and early-stage phases, the Swiss Group has
specialized in project development and financing in developing countries
with above-average growth opportunities. The company currently manages a
cumulative project volume of approximately CHF 7 billion (approximately
EUR 6 billion).

Currently, the company is reorienting its corporate strategy. Further
information on the reorientation will be announced shortly as part of a
management letter on the company’s website www.rivoli-group.com.

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