ROBO Global Adds Esteemed MIT Professor Daniela Rus to Advisory Board

Global, creator of the first benchmark index tracking
the global robotics and automation market, has expanded the strength and
expertise of its advisory board with the addition of Daniela Rus, Ph.D.,
Professor and Director of CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial
Intelligence Laboratory) at MIT, one of the largest AI departments in
the U.S.

In addition to 30 years of experience as a professor, Rus’ leadership in
research, innovation, and education has won her the prestigious Engelberger
Award. The third ROBO Global advisory board member to obtain the
award, Rus’ research specifically focuses on mobile computing, robotics
and data science.

“Our advisory board is comprised of some of the brightest minds in
robotics, automation and AI to ensure that our indices and investment
strategies deliver exposure to the leading companies in these fields,”
said Travis Briggs, CEO of ROBO Global U.S. “Dr. Rus’ extensive
experience studying and educating others on robotics and AI will
perfectly complement the expertise of existing board members, further
enhancing our ability to aggressively monitor these emerging
technologies and ultimately, help investors capitalize on their rapid

Rus is the seventh Ph. D. to join the elite group of industry experts on
ROBO Global’s board, including the most recent additions of Ken
Goldberg, Ph.D., Chair of the Industrial Engineering and Operations
Research Department at UC Berkeley and Illah
R. Nourbakhsh, Ph.D., Director of the Community Robotics, Education
and Technology Empowerment Lab at Carnegie Mellon.

“The ROBO Global advisory board is a dream team of robotics and AI
professionals who are on the front lines of these disruptive
technologies,” said Rus. “I look forward to contributing to such a
powerful, knowledgeable team of industry experts and working with ROBO
Global’s management team to help capture the potential of computer
science and AI for investors.”

ROBO Global Indices are licensed in 11 countries and trade on nine
exchanges throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia. Total
AUM for investment products tracking the ROBO indices is over $4
billion* to date.

About ROBO Global

ROBO Global is the creator of the ROBO Global® Robotics and Automation
Index series, which provides comprehensive, transparent and diversified
benchmarks representing the value chain of robotics, automation and
artificial intelligence. With the expertise of our leadership team and
strategic advisors from the industry, we help investors capture the
growth and return opportunities presented by this megatrend across
industries, from healthcare to industrials to consumer products. Our
indices are used by a variety of investment vehicles listed on multiple
exchanges around the world. We are present in Dallas, San Francisco, New
York and London. www.ROBOGlobal.com

*Source: Bloomberg, data as of 2/4/2018

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