SiO4 and RoboCyberWall Sign Exclusive Global Reseller Agreement

LONDON and HOUSTON, June 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SiO4 Limited, an industry-leading provider of specialised advanced cyber threat intelligence services, today announced a global reseller agreement with RoboCyberWall Inc., a developer of server-based cyber security software that protects HTTP and SSL/HTTPS ports and system root directories on Apache2 and NGINX web servers. SiO4 will exclusively resell the award-winning RootShieldTM by RoboCyberWallTM as a stand-alone solution to their customers and will fully support the product’s global marketing and sales efforts.

RootShield is a unique server-based cyber security software that blocks exploits, including zero-day attacks from breaching Apache2 and NGINX http and https ports that is seamless and straightforward to deploy. The award-winning product works in real-time to block attacks before they compromise the server. RootShield keeps hackers from determining web application vulnerabilities by blocking access to the web servers’ root directory and change log files via Directory Traverse Attacks. RootShield has a minimal footprint without any modification to the existing infrastructure and does not impact legitimate internet traffic and has been thoroughly tested with no measurable latency that can affect system performance. By accessing log files, users can easily identify any blocked packets by RootShield.

“RoboCyberWall delivers optimal protection of web applications running on Apache2 and NGINX servers,” said Andrew Speakmaster, CTO and Founder of SiO4. “As we greatly expand our global presence, SiO4 can now provide a flexible and scalable solution that delivers real-time updates to mitigate known and zero-day vulnerabilities to any organization in the world. This is extremely important to international companies that need to adhere to GDPR and other regulations to protect against potentially huge financial losses and mitigate risk.”

RoboCyberWall can prevent attacks like the infamous Equifax breach that occurred in May of 2017 due to a vulnerability in Apache Struts web application software that was left unpatched. Approximately 83% of all web servers are Linux Apache or NGINX Linux servers that are running critical web applications. Port 80 (HTTP) and Port 443 (SSL/HTTPS) are targets for brute force and all known and unknown vulnerabilities. RoboCyberWall enables immediate validation of legitimate known packets and blocks unknown packets resulting in zero false positives and no pass through of bad packets to the server.

?“We are pleased to sign this agreement with SiO4 to introduce our award-winning RootShield by RoboCyberWall product to their prospects and customers,” said Chris Melson, CEO of RoboCyberWall Inc. “There is a huge need in the market to deliver this high-value product globally since the most commonly used web servers are Apache2 or NGINX. RoboCyberWall will not only add value to SiO4’s current product portfolio but offer a vital product to the market to help protect their business-critical web applications.”

Product Pricing and Availability
RoboCyberWall is available immediately from SiO4. To request pricing for EMEA, please contact SiO4 at +44 (0)845 388 0559, and for the Americas contact us at +1 949 899 3075, or email sales@sio4-group.com. Visit the SiO4 website at https://www.sio4-group.com for more information.

About SiO4
SiO4 provides specialised advanced cyber threat intelligence services, not threat information like other vendors. With an elite team of operatives and researchers that engage threat actors in the Dark Web and underground economy, SiO4 delivers comprehensive, actionable and contextual threat intelligence focusing on preemptive breach intelligence, network exposure, compromised data, risk mitigation, social engineering, employee/physical location vulnerabilities and Dark Web surveillance in a cost-effective and scalable modular set of real-time services that act as an extension of an organisation’s IT security team. SiO4 prides itself on delivering excellence to its clients by meeting their exacting cyber threat intelligence needs. Protection is mandatory, detection and prevention are everything. For more information, please visit http://www.sio4-group.com/.

About RoboCyberWall, Inc.
RoboCyberWall, Inc. (“RCW”) is a provider of award-winning server-based cyber security software that protects HTTP and SS/HTTPS ports and system root directories on Apache2 and NGINX web servers. RootShieldprotects web application from being hacked by preventing a hacker from gaining access to the root directories and change log file. RootShield prevents hackers from gaining control of servers by eliminating a path into the server using a known or unknown (“zero-day”) exploit. The technology is able to validate legitimate packets and block illegitimate packets though real time monitoring and dynamic inspection with no measurable latency.  The patent pending technology protects from the vast majority of attacks, including zero-day attacks and acts as a last line of defense from hackers that have penetrated the user’s network security. RootShield is available as part of a secure Linux environment or in binary form for inclusion in the most common Linux variants and can be incorporated into virtually any user’s Linux environment. RootShield is easy to deploy and runs seamlessly.

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