Southwest Cancellations Continue

Backlash regarding Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) operational delay continues as more cancellations take place. Senior officials are pushing for action as the carrier issued more apologies for the crisis.

When the airline originally canceled more than 2,300 Southwest flights, the company’s chief commercial officer, Ryan Green, apologized for the lapse of services. Additionally, he promised to strengthen customer trust that has faltered throughout the holiday travel period.

“My personal apology is the first step of making things right after many plans changed and experiences fell short of your expectations of us,” Green said in a video issued Thursday.

“We’re continuing to work to make this up to you, and you’ll continue to hear about that soon. But for now, we’re focused on restoring the reliability and level of customer experience we expect of ourselves, and you expect of us.”

The Southwest flight attendant union points the finger at the carrier’s outdated technology, stating it was difficult to manage flight crews to get them to the correct destination during the recovery mode. This is the time period following a disruption of equipment and personnel that must be repositioned to normal operations.