Strict Air Travel Regulations Likely to Worsen

Worldwide restrictions, due to COVID-19, have become a challenge for many as they attempt to continue with everyday life and air travel is one of the most altered. According to writer James Fallows people can anticipate far longer check-ins and less in-flight conveniences. 

Traveling is a tedious process for people as it is and Fallows says the pandemic is expected to worsen the circumstances – with the repercussions likely to last years.

“I asked everybody that question and one person said that he felt it would be five years from now. There’s another person, who is an airline pilot, who said they thought it would be seven years,” Fallows, national correspondent for The Atlantic, told Day 6.

“And then one more person said: ‘I think never.'”

Fallows, who is also a small plane pilot, wrote in a column named  “Air Travel Is Going to Be Very Bad, for a Very Long Time,” that the amount of passengers in American airlines decreased “from about 2.3 million each day to about 95,000.”

As it is, several guidelines have been put in place for passengers and staff alike, such as wearing masks while on the aircraft. Additionally, the middle seats in each row will be kept empty as airlines attempt to enforce social distancing.

Though the demand for travel is low, airlines have come to the conclusion that lowering prices won’t help, therefore even the convenience of getting a good deal is unlikely at the moment.

“Right now, they realize they could drop the price to practically free and people still wouldn’t fly. And that’s why prices actually are not as inexpensive as you would think,” he said.