Talevation Grows to be the #1 Provider of Skills & Behavior Talent Assessments, and Prepares to Launch its Marketplace Service

Talevation®, headquartered in Carmel, IN – recently achieved five major
milestones, including: 1) Celebrated their two-year anniversary, and
accomplished a 300%+ year-over-year annual growth rate. 2) Currently
supports over 5,000+ corporate client locations across the United States
– and is averaging over 25+ new corporate clients per month. 3) Won the
IBM North America Top Performing Business Partner Leadership Award. 4)
Talevation’s corporate clients collectively administer over one million
individual skills and behavioral tests per month. 5) And they recently
surpassed $400k+ in average monthly recurring revenues (MRR) and
supports/manages over $5M+ in annual contract value (ACV).

In addition to these major milestones, Talevation is preparing to launch
its new Talent Assessments Portal Platform (TAPP) ™ – which is
their cloud marketplace (SaaS), where individuals can self-test specific
skills and behaviors, to help them self-assess their skills, better
prepare/position for jobs, as well as help them identify and develop new
skills and capabilities.

Talevation – in partnership with Tech Data®, IBM® and IBM’s Kenexa Prove
It!™ & Employee Assessments™ products – provides over 800+ skills and
behavioral tests that help measure the fit and proficiency of potential
and current employees. Talevation helps take the guesswork out of talent
decisions and staff testing: from hiring the right people, to career
development and employee engagement, and uses behavioral science
techniques to measure traits, skills and culture fit of each candidate
and employee. Aligning the right talent with the right role improves
hiring efficiency, reduces costs, and boosts organizational performance.

For more information, visit www.talevation.com.
To discuss Talevation, contact Scott Abbott (Co-Founder & Managing
Partner), at 317-413-7037 and email scott@talevation.com.

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