Telkonet Announces Launch ofHospitalitys MostComprehensive Automation Platform

Telkonet will showcase Symphony, the company’s innovative industry-leading technology at HITEC 2018. Stop by Booth 833 for a demo.

Telkonet's Newest Intelligent Automation innovation Symphony
From the Television, to shades, to lights, to the thermostat, and more; the Symphony platform is Telkonet's newest intelligent automation innovation for the hospitality environment and beyond.

WAUKESHA, Wis., June 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Telkonet, Inc. (OTCQB:TKOI), creator of the EcoSmart platform of intelligent automation solutions is proud to announce the transformative release of its’ Symphony commercial IoT platform. Intelligent automation and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) have evolved rapidly and the Hospitality industry is already experiencing the benefits of their value and contribution to efficiency, sustainability and guest comfort. In order to ensure a ubiquitous experience for guests and maximize efficiency and savings for properties, Telkonet has released the first network-agnostic, enhanced-learning cloud platform for the Hospitality industry.

Consumers have clamored for years for the long-promised experience offered by intelligent automation and the IoT. The most significant hurdle to realizing the value of a ‘smart home’ has been the ability to easily connect one device to another and manage them over a single interface or ’single pane of glass’. Managing each smart device or service through its own application has created more consternation, confusion and frustration with the IoT than value for the end user. Universal platforms from some of the largest and most widely recognized brands have provided ‘techies’ with an ability to connect disparate devices while other major technology players have tried to ensure that manufacturers conform to a single standard. Through the explosion of voice-enabled devices, consumers are finally able to begin creating scenes, or profiles, connecting multiple devices under one command and simple control. This evolution has paved the way for a new level of technological expectations throughout Hospitality. Symphony further demonstrates Telkonet’s commitment to forward looking development and further reinforces a track record as a leading developer of guestroom technology.

As consumer experiences breed new expectations, their emergence within the Hospitality industry carries with it these new demands. As CRT televisions became flat-screens and mechanical door locks gave way to keycard and mobile-key, we now see mobile app emergence and the in-room expectation of comprehensive control and voice-enabled experiences. Guest’s demand the comfort of their home while on the road and choose their travel accommodations based on comfort for value. As the Hospitality experience continues to progress, these same preferences will become one more component of a Hospitality loyalty program and one more piece of information stored for later use to maximize a guest’s comfort and experience while traveling. 

Some of the key highlights of Symphony’s capabilities include the ability to see all room devices, including door locks, lighting, mini bars, shades, etc. Symphony delivers an all-inclusive dashboard for all devices. The power to see a lock status, light levels, Do-Not-Disturb or request for housekeeping service, and panic alerts, are examples of visibility and control of third party device integration. When combined with the traditional energy management and automation attributes including temperature, set point, fan speeds, HVAC alerts, seasonal profiles, and PMS integration through one platform, its clear that Symphony delivers a complete and fully scalable solution beyond anything else available on the market today.

One of the often-overlooked aspects of technology integration is the actual deployment of new technology. Many owners and operators have experienced difficult deployments in the past and are reluctant to embrace it. Symphony was developed to alleviate those concerns with its revolutionary commissioning tool. Through the use of a dedicated commissioning and reporting tool, Symphony now provides the ability to easily deploy IoT devices through a WYSIWYG graphical editor and template driven integration process. Within minutes of installation, all devices in the room are connected, communicating and reporting. The tool also executes a final test and report that confirms all features of the system are functioning, including the equipment that the devices are connected to. This final report provides operators confidence that a system is 100% functioning upon deployment while also learning of any preexisting conditions based on the report’s findings. This automated tool is the first of its’ kind for the Hospitality industry and elevates Symphony to a new level of intelligence for smart building deployments.

In addition, ensuring that building automation provides value beyond guest experience also ensures its ROI. Through using automation and in-room intelligence to maximize energy savings and operational efficiencies provides a level of ‘return’ not possible previously. Through this return on investment, properties and owners are able to invest in the technology to provide this experience. Telkonet’s Symphony platform was created with this understanding. Telkonet dissected each piece of the automation experience from research to selection, installation through commissioning and usage to support in order to ensure ease, convenience, efficiency, affordability, expansion and more across the entire technological life cycle.  Through concentrating on the full life cycle for automation within the Hospitality environment, Telkonet has been able to ease installation and commissioning, optimize management and savings, ensure expansion through an API-driven architecture and maximize value through enhanced analytics and AI driven intelligence.

For more information on how Telkonet’s new Symphony platform revolutionizes intelligent technology for the Hospitality industry as described below, visit Booth 833 at Hitec 2018!

  • Communication-agnostic (Multi-wireless)
  • Network simplification
  • Templated setup
  • Graphically-driven scene creation
  • API-driven
  • Dedicated commissioning tool
  • AWS-homed for speed
  • Expansive product environment
  • On-change IoT data updates
  • Enhanced analytics
  • Comprehensive alerting system
  • Visual mappings


Telkonet, Inc. (OTCQB:TKOI) provides innovative intelligent automation platforms at the forefront of the Internet of Things (IoT) space. Helping commercial audiences better manage operational costs, the Company’s EcoSmart intelligent automation platform is supported by a full-suite of IoT-connected devices that provide in-depth energy usage information and analysis, allowing building operators to reduce energy expenses. Vertical markets that benefit from EcoSmart products include hospitality, education, military, government, healthcare and multiple dwelling housing. Telkonet was founded in 1977 and is based in Waukesha, WI. For more information, visit www.telkonet.com.

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