The Industrial Internet Consortium Publishes Edge Computing in IIoT White Paper

The Industrial
Internet Consortium® (IIC™), the world’s leading organization
transforming business and society by accelerating the Industrial
Internet of Things (IIoT), announced the publication of the IIC
Introduction to Edge Computing in IIoT white paper. The
paper provides practical guidance on edge computing, architectures and
the building blocks necessary for edge computing implementations. The
IIC is also planning to release an Edge Computing Technical Report
that will contain in-depth technical information in the coming months.

“Many companies are wanting to realize the business benefits that edge
computing is purported to provide but are unsure where to begin or how
to realize those advantages. The IIC has been at the vanguard of the
industrial internet since its inception, and edge computing has been an
integral part of driving the transformational outcomes that go along
with it,” said Todd Edmunds, Senior Solution Architect, IoT, Cisco, and
co-author of the white paper. “With the publication of this white paper,
we provide practical guidance on where the ‘edge’ is and the key drivers
for implementing edge computing. We also provide detail on edge
computing architectures and real-world use cases.”

“Almost every use case and every connected device on the industrial
internet requires some sort of compute capability at its source at the
edge,” said Dr. Mitch Tseng, Distinguished Consultant, Huawei
Technologies, and co-author of the white paper. “Oil rigs in remote
locations have sensors gathering data but they need to be mindful of the
challenges of data transmission because of bandwidth issues or the cost
of transmission. The white paper is a first step in the development of
an industrial grade ‘cookbook’ for edge computing.”

“Organizations adopting an IIoT strategy need to understand what data is
available, how to use it to drive industrial processes and how to
orchestrate, manage and secure data/compute,” said Lalit Canaran, VP,
SAP, and co-author of the white paper. “This paper and subsequent
technical report will enable enterprises to unlock the full potential of
the edge-cloud continuum and drive the business outcomes enabled by
next-generation IoT devices, machine learning and AI.”

The full IIC Introduction to Edge Computing in IIoT white paper
and a list of IIC members who contributed can be found on the IIC
website at https://www.iiconsortium.org/pdf/Introduction_to_Edge_Computing_in_IIoT_2018-06-18.pdf/.

About the Industrial Internet ConsortiumThe Industrial
Internet Consortium is the world’s leading membership program
transforming business and society by accelerating the Industrial
Internet of Things (IIoT). The IIC delivers a trustworthy IIoT in which
the world’s systems and devices are securely connected and controlled to
deliver transformational outcomes. The Industrial Internet Consortium is
a program of the Object Management Group (OMG). For more information,
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