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The “Time
Management” training has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s

Time is a limited resource and it is essential in organisations that the
right task is done at the right time to achieve the objectives.

This course enables you to identify where the time management
challenges’ lie and how to ensure that everything is prioritised.
Delegates are requested to keep a 2 day time log prior to the course so
that the time management techniques developed on the day can be tailored
to their own particular needs.

The practicality of this course enables you to develop time management
skills and organise your time to achieve the desired results. You will
learn how to handle interruptions, become more organised, get more out
of meetings, handle crises’, make decision and handle many other
situations which steal time.

The course identifies the time wasters through looking at current time
management practices. Throughout the day many hints, tips and techniques
are developed to enable better planning and use of time. You are
encouraged to develop an action plan which can be put into effect on
return to the workplace.

Key Topics Covered:

For more information about this training visit https://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/vs4w2r/time_management?w=4

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