TRANSMEDIA Creators: Tackling the Film Adaptation of Jun’ichiro Tanizaki’s In-Ei Raisan (In Praise of Shadows)

TRANSMEDIA Creators Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO &
Founder: Kentaro Ohtani):

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(Left) Visual Image (Calligraphy by Ukyo Kamigori) / (Right) Leading Actress (Saila Kunikida in the role of the Tea Master) (Graphic: Business Wire)

The Story of a Dream of a Moonlit Night in a Tearoom Full of Shadows

This work is a film using a creative non-fiction format, without any
script, depicting the stages of a tea ceremony in Kyoto based on a draft
scenario of a “phantasmal noh” (mugen-noh) play. In her first
acting role, Saila Kunikida, a rising model and the
great-great-grandchild of the Meiji-era writer Doppo Kunikida, will
tackle the meaningful role of the Tea Master. Masayoshi Masugi, who
attracted notice with his movie Kasagi Rock!, will be the
director of photography. The art inside the tearoom will be provided by
Kyoto artists Atsundo Raku, Ukyo Kamigori, and Naoya Arakawa, with
kimonos and costumes from Hosoo, dishes served at the tea ceremony from
Izuu, traditional confectionary from Kan’eido, and sake provided by the
Fujioka Shuzo in Fushimi, famed for its Sookuu brand. With all
these Kyoto-based artisans and companies taking part, the film will be
used to invite viewers into a tearoom called “KYOTO.”

Model Saila Kunikida Tackles the Role of the Female Tea Master

Saila Kunikida, a rising model and the great-great-granddaughter of the
Meiji-period author Doppo Kunikida, will take on the meaningful role of
the Tea Master in her debut performance as an actress.

Saila Kunikida

Japan’s First Transmedia Production

This work is due to be released simultaneously worldwide in more than
150 countries and regions for on-demand viewing on Friday, October 5,
2018.The same day, the film will be presented at the Ryosoku-in
(in the Kennin-ji Temple), which also served as the shooting site for
the film and where the IN-EI RAISAN (provisional title) exhibit will be

In addition to photographs by Marei Takaki taken in the film, this
exhibit is expected to feature works by Kyoto artists related to the
film and by French artists on the theme of “shadows,” in an attempt at
Japan’s first transmedia storytelling.

Transmedia works are not designed to develop movies using multiple media
such as print or video as with existing cross-platform media, but rather
to use a variety of radically different situations to create an overall
“worldview of the work” for greater user enjoyment, and consequently
gain fans and enthusiasts of this kind of narrative.

With IN-EI RAISAN, the world of films and the world of reality will
intersect, forming a new transmedia production where viewers can
experience every element of the work.

Establishment of TRANSMEDIA Creators Co., Ltd.

TRANSMEDIA Creators Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO &
Founder: Kentaro Ohtani) will be established on Wednesday, June 13,
2018, in conjunction with the film production presentation at the
Ryosoku-in (in the Kennin-ji Temple), which also served as the filming
location. Our concept of producing transmedia works originated six years

Businesses Activities1. Acting as agents for creators
active in Japan or overseas2. Investing in creators active in
Japan or overseas3. Planning and operating media to support
creators active in Japan or overseas

Corporate Concept“Sansho” – Japanese pepper. Each grain is
small, but packs a punch. A metaphor for anything that might be small,
but is so skilled and powerful that you can’t dismiss it. We want to
work with people like that.

Our CEO, Kentaro Ohtani, founded the creative agency TRANSMEDIA
Co., Ltd. in December 2012, based on the old precept of “ichigensan
okotowari” where new patrons are introduced by a known client,
establishing a relationship with the clientele based on trust and
assuring them excellent service. In September 2013, the
web magazine ethica had its grand opening as an investment
and development business. In January 2017, along with the expansion of
our business, we founded a digital agency as our third company, TRANSMEDIA
Digital Co., Ltd. By 2023, we aim to manage five companies that each
has their own strengths, and for the five presidents to take a hands-on

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