Trudeau Puts Price on Pollution

The Canadian Government has been known to be environmentally conscious and has worked to lower emissions while also growing the job market. The Government sought to do this without bearing down on the provinces, letting them create their own emissions limitation policies within the last two years. While some provinces have stepped up and made the necessary changes, there are others who will be punished for their apathy.

In a press release it was announced that polluting provinces must pay for the amount of emissions produced.“The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced that there will be a federal system in place in Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan in 2019. This is the next step in the government’s plan to protect the environment and grow the economy. Any direct proceeds collected will go directly back to people in these provinces.”

“The effects of climate change are everywhere, and they are a constant reminder of the need to act now. While climate change is the biggest challenge of this generation, it also provides the opportunity to do better while growing the economy” said Prime Minister Trudeau. “We are investing in Canadian companies that are on the forefront of clean technologies, and are working with provinces, territories, and municipalities to provide Canadians with more clean energy options. Protecting the environment is a responsibility we all share.” In this very forward thinking policy, the provinces won’t pointlessly be fined, but rather the proceeds will be an investment back into the country.