Trudeau Reveals Funds to Aid Farmers & Prompts Canadians to Stay Indoors

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated new funds are being made available to support farmers and aid those developing vaccines against COVID-19, as infections arise. In the midst of the economic struggle, Trudeau finds himself also having to relay the severity of the pandemic to citizens not taking it seriously. 

In an interview outside of his home, where he is currently in self-isolation, Trudeau revealed a CAD5 Billion credit program that will support farmers. Additionally the Prime Minister announced a budget of CAD192 Million towards the funding for vaccine development, in the hopes of stopping the coronavirus.  

In an address to Canadians, Trudeau warned “You all think you’re invincible. You’re not. Enough is enough,” he said. “Go home and stay home.”

The federal government took the measure of launching a CAD30 Million advertising campaign in order to raise awareness on how to prevent the spread of the virus any further. The new ads feature Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, warning Canadians of the “Serious public health threat” that COVID-19 signifies.

The advertisements will be live March and throughout April on Canadian television and radio stations all over the country, additionally national, regional and local print outlets will also be showcasing the ads. 

Public health officials believe that the recommended restrictions will be able to ease the spread of COVID-19 and potentially lighten the stress on the health-care system.  

Amid these changes Trudeau will remain in self-isolation as his wife tested positive for the virus. Additionally various provinces are considering isolation for domestic travelers.