Twist Bioscience Expands Human Core Exome and Custom Next-Generation Sequencing Solutions with High Throughput Offering

Twist Bioscience Corporation, a company enabling customers to succeed
through its offering of high-quality synthetic DNA, today announced the
expansion of its next-generation sequencing (NGS) solutions product line
to include the high throughput Twist Human Core Exome Kit, a library
preparation and target enrichment kit, with the ability to run up to 96
samples simultaneously.

Customer data utilizing the Twist Human Core Exome Kit and Twist Custom
Panels will be presented at the European Society of Human Genetics
(ESHG) held in Milan, Italy June 16 through 19, 2018.

“Building on the successful launch of our target enrichment products
earlier this year, we are now introducing our high throughput NGS
solutions to provide researchers with the important tools they need to
advance their work rapidly and cost effectively,” said Emily M.
Leproust, Ph.D., CEO of Twist Bioscience.

Twist Bioscience will present the full scientific rationale for its
Twist Human Core Exome Kit NGS target enrichment product in a poster
entitled “Improving the Performance, Cost, and Flexibility of
Custom Target Enrichment & Whole Exome Sequencing” during the
poster session at ESHG.

In addition to a keynote from Dr. Leproust, several researchers will
provide their experience using the exome and custom panel solutions
today, June 18, at 15:00 Central European Summer Time during a workshop.
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About the Twist Bioscience Exome and Custom NGS Preparation Solutions

Applying its proprietary DNA synthesis technology, Twist Bioscience has
developed sample preparation products for customers performing
next-generation sequencing experiments and analysis. The Twist Human
Core Exome Kit includes all the tools needed for library construction,
target capture and enrichment to prepare a sample for sequencing. This
product suite is designed to provide exceptional performance, maximum
capture efficiency and the flexibility to customize kit configuration.
Twist Bioscience believes it is the only company to offer
double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) probes within a comprehensive target
enrichment kit used for exome and targeted sequencing. Using dsDNA as
opposed to single-stranded DNA captures all specified sequences
uniformly and avoids the problem of deamination (removal of an amino
group). Deamination interferes with the accurate detection of gene
mutations, and may hinder genetic results and clinical diagnoses,
particularly in cancer and ancient samples. For more information please
click here.

The Human Core Exome Complete Kit is indicated for Research Use Only.

About Twist Bioscience Corporation

At Twist Bioscience Corporation, we work in service of customers who are
changing the world for the better. In fields such as health care,
agriculture, industrial chemicals, academic research and data storage,
by using our synthetic DNA tools, our customers are developing ways to
better lives and improve the sustainability of the planet. We believe
that the faster our customers succeed, the better for all of us, and we
believe Twist Bioscience is uniquely positioned to help accelerate their

Our innovative silicon-based DNA synthesis platform provides precision
at a scale that we believe is otherwise unavailable to our customers.
Our platform technologies overcome inefficiencies and enable
cost-effective, rapid, precise, high-throughput synthesis and
sequencing, providing both the quality and quantity of the tools they
need to rapidly realize the opportunity ahead. For more information
about our products and services, please visit www.twistbioscience.com.
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