U.S. Postal Service to Purchase 66,000 Electric Vehicles by 2028

The U.S. Postal Service intends to acquire at least 66,000 electric vehicles as it aims to transform its delivery fleet. The change comes amid pressure from environmental campaigns to electrify its vehicles.

The electric vehicles would make up over half of the 106,000 vehicles it intends to purchase for delivery between now and 2028. According to a press release made by the Postal Service, the electric vehicles will begin to replace its older fleet of 220,000 vehicles.

Overall, the investment is anticipated to total USD9.6 Billion, including USD3 Billion in funding from Inflation Reduction Act funds, the agency revealed. The electric vehicle fleet will be one of the largest in the nation.

“The $3 billion provided by Congress has significantly reduced the risk associated with accelerating the implementation of a nationwide infrastructure necessary to electrify our delivery fleet,” DeJoy said in a statement.

“While most of the electric vehicle funding will continue to come from Postal Service revenues, we are grateful for the confidence that Congress and the administration have placed in us to build and acquire what has the potential to become the largest electric vehicle fleet in the nation,” he added.